Kyle Shanahan: I’ve heard of no trade talks involving Jimmy Garoppolo

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It’s been two weeks since the 49ers made it clear that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo won’t be on the team this season, but that he will remain technically on the roster for now, while they hope to finagle some/any trade value for him.

Coach Kyle Shanahan was asked on Tuesday whether there’s any current trade interest in the man who took the 49ers to Super Bowl LIV and nearly to Super Bowl LVI.

“I believe that goes on with his agents, but none that I hear of,” Shanahan told reporters.

He aded that he’s heard of no offers for Garoppolo, either.

This means that any interested team is biding its time, knowing Garoppolo eventually will be cut. And that the 49ers haven’t cut him because circumstances will change, quickly and dramatically, if a starter with another team gets injured.

(Or, frankly, if San Francisco’s starter gets injured.)

For now, Garoppolo continues to come and go as he pleases. He’s on board with the strategy, because if a starter goes down elsewhere (or in San Francisco) he becomes far more likely to make something far closer than the $24.2 million salary that he’ll lose once he’s cut.

Even though the rosters reduce to 53 three weeks from today, his salary doesn’t become guaranteed, as a practical matter, until September 10. We’ll see whether the 49ers carry him for an extra 12 days, as they continue to wait and hope that a starting quarterback goes down — and that the market for Garoppolo goes up.

Currently, it has nowhere to go but up.

33 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: I’ve heard of no trade talks involving Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. Jimmy G is not a terrible QB. Hes also not a very good QB. What he wont do is elevate an already good team which is why they are turning to Trey Lance. Lance will improvise and make the most out of Shanahans expert play calling or at least in time he will as he matures. Jimmy G just does the bare minimum by going to where the play is always designed. Jared Goff has a tendency to do that and its why the Rams upgraded to Stafford. He will find the guy thats not supposed to be open at times which is what they are hoping from Lance along with his escape ability.

  2. After a couple of lackluster preseason performances from Mac Jones, do not be surprised if Garoppolo ends up back in NE.

  3. JimmyG is the right type of QB for the Seattle Seahawks. They only need a competent QB to make good decisions to fully utilize their “run first” approach. Under Coach Carroll, when they won the SB and lost in the other, it was the run game & defense that carried them. If the SF front office waived him, JimmyG will be actively pursued by the Seahawks.

  4. Why trade for him and take on that contract when you know they’re going to release him?

  5. If Watson gets a year.. Cleveland is stacked if they can afford him for a year.. Would SF take a second round pick? At this point, would they Not take it?

  6. 10 minutes after he is cut, he will have a new team and new contract. Life in the NFL!

  7. I’m tired of Jimmy G riding on his daddys coat tails……..oh wait, that’s Kyle Shanahan!

  8. cletuspstillwaterjr says:
    August 9, 2022 at 8:59 pm

    After a couple of lackluster preseason performances from Mac Jones, do not be surprised if Garoppolo ends up back in NE.


    I guess Belicheck isn’t nearly as big a genius when he doesn’t have Tom Brady on his team.

  9. Flat brim Shanahan will be padding that sub-500 record without JG next year….8-27 without him. JG is the best thing that ever happened to him while he’s been in Clara. You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone….

  10. Audition Day for Jimmy G and K Mond, next weekend, to be Kirk Cousins back-up.

  11. Good Luck on improving a quarterback that took you to the superbowl and an NFC championship game…..ask Dallas Cinninati Buffalo how long that took or will take. Trey aint the man.

  12. He would look good in a Washington Football Team jersey. The only problem is why would anyone want to join a team owned by Dan Snyder?

  13. Shanahan and Clara are deserving of each other..JG is nobody’s fool. He should be screaming somebody save me, shake me of Clara and shelter me during the last mile because this is almost over and I’m coming home.

  14. Whether it be Mike or his son Kylle; the Shanahans are so funny or reliable or honest – you choose!

  15. Cut the poor guy. Just let him go.
    Though I still think the 49ers would be better off keeping him as the starter. Too late for that, unless a mysterious injury happens to Trey

  16. Jimmy G is one of the most overrated QBs of his generation. There is no doubt the 49ers are looking to move him and Shanahan is just a part of the smoke and mirrors.

  17. He’ll be on my Browns this year, bank on it. As soon as Watson officially gets suspended for a year, we’ll get for next to nothing in exchange for eating his contract. No way we spent this amount of money on this team and went to the stupid lengths we did to allow this season to be a complete wash. He may not be elite,but he’s better than anything we have on the roster by a long shot. And he has playoff experience, unlike our 250 million dollar qb. I say roll the dice and try to give us one thing this year that isn’t a boneheaded move that divides the fan base. Only thing worse than losing the qb who is going to destroy our salary cap soon would be giving up. If we’re gonna do that, cut the dude, take the financial loss, and tank the season to get us a qb.

  18. Garropolo is good and very likeable! I base this on the exactly 3 games I actually watched him play last season

  19. No dog in this fight, but as time rolls on I find myself hoping that Jimmy G lands on a team that allows him to really stick it to the 9ers on a somewhat regular basis.

  20. If Garoppolo is such a better QB at this time than Trey Lance, has such an impressive won/lost record and has taken the Niners to so many championship type games, why give up so much for Lance and why are they moving on from him now?

  21. The 49’ers don’t want Jimmy G, but they don’t want anyone else to have him either.

    Reminds me of my ex gf

  22. I bet if Mike don’t do well with his new toy within two years, he will hear talks about him being on the hot seat.

  23. 33-14 as a starter. A superbowl and two NFC Championship games in the last 3 years.

    Garoppolo is a winner, regardless of what the haters say.

    I’d take a QB that makes his team better over a guy with just great stats any day of the week.

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