Matt Rhule: What Baker Mayfield’s done in 10 days is pretty impressive

NFL: AUG 08 Carolina Panthers Training Camp
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The Panthers aren’t planning to make a public call about their starting quarterback for a little while, but that won’t stop people from reading into decisions and comments concerning Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold ahead of that announcement.

One decision that will spur reaction will be how the playing time is divvied up for the preseason opener against the Commanders this week. There’s been no word from head coach Matt Rhule about the team’s plans at this point, but he did offer an update on how Mayfield is settling in with his new team.

The update was a positive one when it comes to Mayfield’s comfort level in an offense he joined just before the start of training camp.

“He’s definitely improving as he gets more and more of a feel for what he can do at the line of scrimmage. . . . What he’s done in 10 days is pretty impressive. He’s making really good jumps,” Rhule said, via Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer.

The fact that the Panthers traded for Mayfield when they had ample opportunity to evaluate Darnold since trading for him in 2021 suggested that the newcomer had a very good chance at winning the starting job. Rhule’s latest comments don’t do much to push things in the other direction.

28 responses to “Matt Rhule: What Baker Mayfield’s done in 10 days is pretty impressive

  1. Funny that after all this time the ‘genius and future HOF coach’ Rhule has to depend on basically a free agent pickup from the Brownies to get his team to respectability. The hype on Rhule was so intense Chip Kelly was embarrassed.

  2. When Rhule is inevitably fired, what will become of Mayfield, who will then be playing under his 5th head coach in 6 seasons? When all is said and done, the guy will definitely be able to give workshops on adjusting to new coaches from the QB position.

  3. Mayfield is healthy and is going to make the most of this opportunity. Plus the motivation of playing the Browns in week 1.

  4. Almost anyone would be an upgrade for the Panthers at QB. However, I hope Baker sees some success in Carolina.

  5. Baker is flawed, but at least he gives that team some hope.

    Darnold has been one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league since he entered – three good games to start ’21 doesn’t cover that up.

  6. they all look like Unitas when its 7 on 7 .. the rookie will be starting by Nov.

  7. Now, if the Panthers could just bring in a real head coach who isn’t a “rah rah” caricature, maybe than can begin to move forward.

  8. He will be the starter. He’s light years ahead of Darnold even if he is immature and childish.

  9. Darnold is the tanking QB plan, Mayfield is the hey-we-might-actually-win-some plan.

  10. The job is Mayfield’s to lose. His resume was better than Darnold’s before the trade.

  11. It’s pretty simple, if Baker plays they have a shot at the playoffs, since Atlanta and NO will both be very bad. If Sam Darnold plays they are a sub-500 team that gets in as a 7-9 wild card absolute best case scenario.

  12. I have no idea if Mayfield will be any good for the Panthers, but the mere fact he’s neck and neck or even surpassed Darnold after practicing with the team for only 10 days while the other has had the entire offseason tells me the competition is already over.

  13. Baker is smart and charismatic, even if he is immature. The maturity will come with time. But his biggest difficiency isn’t his maturity: it is his in-game decision making. Tons of bad throws. Swinging for the fences has lead to a low BABiP/OBP.

  14. Darnold already won the competition…making $3.5M more guaranteed than Baker in ’22. As for who starts, my guess is Baker.

  15. Pretty sad when your coaching life is hanging by a thread and all you have is Mayfield or Darnold. By Felicia I mean Matt

  16. When Mayfield is healthy (and has a decent coach), he plays very well. His attitude also got him in trouble in Cleveland, that’s part of the reason they moved on. Baker now has been ‘checked’ and is hopefully more humble. If he stays healthy this new team may just work for him.

  17. I disliked Baker Mayfield from the start. But the way he was treated by the blBrowns makes me want him to light it up.

  18. 1westcoastfootballfan says:
    August 9, 2022 at 8:44 am
    It’s pretty simple, if Baker plays they have a shot at the playoffs, since Atlanta and NO will both be very bad. If Sam Darnold plays they are a sub-500 team that gets in as a 7-9 wild card absolute best case scenario.
    ********************************************************************************************************************************* “since Altanta and NO will both be very bad”? That may be true about Atlanta, but you obviously don’t know anything about football or haven’t followed The Saints. They have UPGRADED their wide receivers with Michael Thomas being heathy, Mayfield’s ace, Jarvis Landry and drafted OSU phenom Chris Olave. They have added Trevor Penning as a first round draft choice to the offensive line. On the defense they have added Tyrann Mathieu and Marcus May in the Defensive backfield. C J Gardener Johnson may be one of the best slot corners in the league. Payton Turner a 1st round draft choice is healthy and so is Marcus Davenport.. Cameron Jordan is unstoppable on the defensive line. Everyone is saying Tom Brady and the Bucs will win the division, but the Saints have beaten Tom 4 times out of 5 since he’s been with the Bucs. Sir, you need to do more research, before you open mouth and insert foot. The Saints will be a major force in the NFL this season as long as the injuries don’t pile up like last year.

  19. After playing for a seriously disfuctional Browns organization and a series of HCs ranging from so-so at best to Hue the Clueless, even the Panthers might seem like a relief. Let’s see if s change of scenery helps. I also agree that he needed some growing up. Hate his commercials.

  20. If the Saints play the Bucs ten times or more they have a good shot to go to the playoffs. Otherwise, Jameis Winston is your starter and the rest of the team has only gotten older. And no Sean Payton.

  21. It’s been decided. The Panthers are trying to trade Darnold, but have no takers yet as no one in their right mind wants to pay Darnold’s $18M salary.

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