Robert Saleh: Doesn’t look good for Mekhi Becton

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Jets right tackle Mekhi Becton missed all but one game of last season with a knee injury and it looks like he could be looking at another long absence this year.

Becton hurt his knee during Monday’s practice and early optimism about his condition gave way to reports of greater concern after further evaluation over the course of the day. During a Tuesday appearance on WFAN, head coach Robert Saleh said they’re still gathering information while confirming that dark clouds have gathered over the 2020 first-round pick.

“Still waiting on all the second opinions he’s gotta get, but obviously it’s not looking good for the initial prognosis. . . . Since minicamp he’s been working his tail off, for this new injury to happen it makes everybody in the entire organization sick for him because we know how hard he’s been going at it since minicamp,” Saleh said, via Zack Rosenblatt of

The Jets visited with former Texans and Seahawks left tackle Duane Brown before Becton’s injury and final confirmation of a severe injury would likely create urgency to bring in a player with Brown’s pedigree to help shore up the offensive line. George Fant, who was Brown’s teammate in Seattle, is currently the No. 1 left tackle, but has experience on the right side as well.

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  1. Bite the bullet and trade for the Eagles backup left tackle, Dillard. Move Fant to right tackle. Sign Brown to be the swing tackle backup, if he will sign for backup money.

    It’s not that hard. The Eagles are open to trading him as he’s gone after this year anyway and if he works out they have a young building block for the future.

  2. Joe Douglas was a great scout and personal guy for the ravens and then the eagles. But ever since he went to the jets, he seems like he’s been dropping the ball with all the players he acquired.

  3. He’s done. Wasted pick for them unfortunately. His body has continued to give out because it cannot support the weight he’s been playing at. He’s going to need to get down to 320-330 pounds if he wants to continue his career IMO.

    Had the physical tools but availability is one of the best abilities and he doesn’t possess that.

    Duane Brown or Daryl Williams, come on down. Jets could do a lot worse than those two.

  4. Niner fan here. Robert Saleh is generally an ultra positive guy for him to say this means there’s something really wrong. Hope he recovers quickly. And continue his career.

  5. He’s a bust. No their going to sign a guy who will miss a bunch of games cause of his upcoming suspension. Typical Jets

  6. note to joe douglas: your friend howie roseman’s offensive line overflow looks like a good place to find a tackle if you are willing to give him an asset he deems worth the trade…

  7. That’s why you don’t draft players who weigh 400lbs. Their body can’t sustain it.

  8. C. M. says:
    August 9, 2022 at 8:55 am
    Joe Douglas was a great scout and personal guy for the ravens and then the eagles. But ever since he went to the jets, he seems like he’s been dropping the ball with all the players he acquired.

    29Rate This

    He told us he did a “deep dive” on Becfon. lmao

    Douglas has been awful. Wilson is next set to bust. The trade up for Vera Tucker was also horrible.

  9. Every athlete needs to eat right to perform well and avoid injury. It seems simple, but plenty of guys in the league – regardless of position – think a steady diet of greasy fast food won’t hurt them.

  10. As a Patriots’ fan it would look silly for me to criticize another team’s early round draft whiffs…..

  11. It’s too bad about this latest injury but Becton is a biscuit short of 400lbs..

  12. The sheer amount of weight his knees & frame are supporting is beyond unmanageable. I’m surprised more 300+ pound players don’t have serious knee issues. This makes me think of basketball’s Zion Williamson and his ongoing knee issues caused in no small part by his weight….

  13. Right we all know it doesnt look good. But Coach, can we get an update on his knee?

  14. Well that blows. From the headline I assumed he was just struggling.

    Hate to hear anyone is hurt especially when they were finally reaching their potential, even if I dislike the team.

    Good luck dude, keep fighting.

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