Ron Rivera: The timing between Carson Wentz and the receivers is getting better

Washington Commanders Off-Season Workout
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Quarterback Carson Wentz has experienced an up-and-down training camp so far this summer.

But Tuesday was reportedly a good day for the quarterback, according to practice observers.

Head coach Ron Rivera liked what he saw, too, touting the improved chemistry between the quarterback and his targets.

“He’s getting more and more comfortable,” Rivera said, via “He’s developing a little bit more of a rapport with the receivers, and the tight ends, and the backs. And I think, again, we were in a padded practice where the offensive line can defend themselves for the most part as opposed to some of the shell practices that people observed. So I just thought it was a well-timed-out practice. I thought the timing between him and the receivers is getting better, and I think that’s important.”

Rivera noted a few days ago that even though Wentz has demonstrated some inaccuracy, the team isn’t “overly concerned.” Tuesday’s session sounds encouraging in that regard as the Commanders prepare for the season.

8 responses to “Ron Rivera: The timing between Carson Wentz and the receivers is getting better

  1. Glad he’s improving Ron, but you should definitely be more concerned about Carson’s inaccuracy than you currently are.

    – Colts fan

  2. Wentz’s timing with the opponents DB’s is the thing I would be concerned about if I were Rivera.

  3. Unless Carson Yutz’s timing has gotten spot on, there is no news here. He will be awful this year and I shall enjoy every minute of rooting against this team and its sorry head coach. As a former nearly 40 year fan of this team, I will gloat over their failures.

  4. Ditto.

    -Eagles fans

    lollygagger8 says:

    Also, thanks for the draft picks.

    – Colts fan

  5. If Carson Wentz couldnt get it done behind the Colts top tier O line how is he going to get it done in Washington behind a below average O line?

  6. Washington’s o line is above average and Wentz has more weapons than ever before and soon you haters will be feasting on Crowe!

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