Trevor Lawrence: I feel like my arm got a lot stronger this offseason

Jacksonville Jaguars v Las Vegas Raiders
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Trevor Lawrence did not play in last week’s Hall of Fame game.

But by all accounts, the quarterback has made solid strides throughout the offseason program and training camp.

Lawrence said on Monday that his arm is feeling as good as ever as Jacksonville gets ready for 2022. Part of that stems from having an actual offseason instead of going through surgery and the pre-draft process.

“I didn’t really feel like I could get my body in shape the way I wanted to because of the surgery,” Lawrence said in his press conference. “I was in shape, but as far as my arm, I would’ve liked to be a little sharper. I feel like my arm got a lot stronger this offseason.

“Mechanics, I worked really hard on keeping everything a lot tighter, more fluid in my motion, working on all my arm slots, all that. I just feel like the ball is coming out really from every angle the way I want it to. You’re going to miss a few every now and then, but this is the best that I’ve felt.”

Lawrence also feels as if he’s way ahead of learning the new offense under head coach Doug Pederson than where he was at this point as a rookie.

“I would hope so. That’s the goal,” Lawrence said. “I think learning the offense last year helped me learn this one faster. Once you learn one, it’s easier to learn the second one.”

Time will tell if Lawrence has made the proper strides that will have the Jaguars competitive in the AFC South. But there are reasons to be optimistic about the quarterback’s second season.

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  1. Too much exposure on this kid before he even got to the pros and now I feel most root for him to fail. A little adversity will be good for him.

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