Browns announce they plan to start Deshaun Watson on Friday

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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The Browns announced they plan to start Deshaun Watson in the preseason opener at Jacksonville on Friday. It’s now up to appeals officer Peter Harvey to determine if that will happen.

The NFL wants an immediate suspension of Watson, and the NFLPA hasn’t ruled out the possibility as both sides wait for a ruling from Harvey. He could make his decision in the next two days and bar Watson from playing in the preseason.

As it stands now, Watson is eligible to practice and play with the team until Aug. 30.

Coach Kevin Stefanski said this week that Watson likely plays one of the three preseason games but didn’t indicate which game. The first one makes sense given Harvey will issue his ruling sooner than later and could make Watson leave the team immediately.

Will that come before Friday’s kickoff?

Watson has not played in a game since Jan. 3, 2021, while with the Texans, who made him inactive for every game last season.

“I wouldn’t say that I see rustiness,” Stefanski said of Watson, via Mary Kay Cabot of “These preseason games will be an opportunity to play when it’s a game setting, the defense can come after you and you are truly in a game. I think that that will really be more when you get closer to game reps than say a practice.”

The Browns leave for Jacksonville today to participate in team-building activities before the game.

“We’re just dealing with today,’’ Stefanski said. “I really don’t know any other way to do it. And I think the team understands that.’’

58 responses to “Browns announce they plan to start Deshaun Watson on Friday

  1. What’s more of a browns move then trading a kings ransom for a guy who won’t play for a year… starting him in the first preseason game…

  2. Don’t want to risk a Brissett injury. Smart. Definitely not your same old Browns.

  3. Fine him $30 million and have him serve his six games. That way he feels the pain. If they suspend him for the year, he only loses like $1 million. Hit him where it hurts.

  4. Only in the NFL can you be suspended for 18 months at a minimum for no crime. What a joke they are, yet an owner that does the same thing isnt suspended at all.

  5. If he gets hurt the suspension should start once he is medically cleared to play and not a second before.

  6. Same people ripping the Browns are just fine with Tyreek Hill playing in KC and now Miami?

  7. They *still* want this guy to be the face of their franchise? Speaks volumes about their “leadership” team.

  8. There should be 0 people in attendance and no one watching on tv.
    Not gonna happen but it would be good …

  9. By saying I wouldn’t say I’m seeing rustiness is acknowledging that Watson is rusty. IF he plays football again (whether this year or next) Watson will see that the game has passed him by rather quickly.

  10. and having a discussion with an overrated, aging QB about a front office position is a big deal?

    c’mon get real

  11. I’m assuming this is a move to speed up the ruling. If Goodell doesn’t want him playing he will get the ruling out. They need the final ruling to figure out how to proceed with the season. 10-12 games you stick with what you got. The whole season maybe you go after Jimmy G. Haslam is a business man an he knows nothing gets done without a deadline.

  12. it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this was intentional on the part of the NFL to gauge public reaction, both in CLE and on TV, before deciding on the appeal.

  13. Lotta Bengals fans have been riding in on their high horses. I assume they turn their channels and boycott the team whenever Joe Mixon gets the ball too?

  14. Everyday they make it more easy to hate the team and the owners. Sorry to the real fans of the Browns they deserve better.

  15. They want to get fans excited for the future but most don’t want to see him. Love him or hate him he will draw views and thats the bottom line.

  16. How disgusting are the browns, with all thats going on they are going to start him. That franchise is absolutely morally bankrupt.

  17. As a lifelong browns fan, the only browns game im watching this year is week one so i can watch baker beat the brakes off such a morally bankrupt franchise.

  18. If Watson goes out there in Jacksonville,”hostile environment” will be an understatement.

  19. “Why wouldnt they start him?” …because the opposing D will be trying to hurt him.

  20. Shameful. The Haslams and everyone else leading this team should be stained forever by the entire Watson debacle. A case study in complete moral failure driven by naked greed.

  21. Scott Arrowsmith says:
    August 10, 2022 at 5:33 pm
    Is there any doubt that the Browns are the NFLs worst organization?
    Tempted to say Cowboys, Patriots or Commanders but it really is the Browns…

  22. This is a unique opportunity to allow Watson to line up behind a bunch of 4th string undrafted OL’s that will be cut before the regular season.

  23. He’s most likely not playing any real games this season, but the browns want to put their 100% guaranteed contract guy on the field for a preseason game? What could possibly go wrong? Browns gonna brown.

  24. Just trying to sell some pre-season tickets , fans know this season is gonna be a Mulligan .

  25. I guess they got to get something back for that $230 million they invested in him even if it’s preseason. If the NFL could do it they would kick the Browns out of the league for ineptness.

  26. The Browns are forcing the NFL to come to a decision before Friday, especially if they want the suspension to be immediate. In the end Godell wants the money from DW4 all while reaping all the money that he can from him playing. 8 games, $10m+ capped around $20. This way the league suspends him, punitively fines him & still gets ticket & added TV revenue based on DW4 moving the needle & getting eyeballs on screens. NFL is looking for the biggest payday surrounding this entire mess.

  27. People think Snyder is about to be removed. That’ll never happen nor should it. But I think it’s very possible Haslam will. The owners obviously hate the guy for that contract. He should have been ran out years ago when his embezzlement schemes were exposed. He is obviously behind this push for Watson to get on the field in Jacksonville so now not only do the owners hate him but so does Roger. Haslam is out soon. Let’s hope anyway, Cleveland fans deserve better.

  28. Browns just can’t make a right move anymore. Everything they do and have done regarding Watson is just plain wrong.
    This will prove to be the worst trade of all time, eclipsing the Herschel Walker trade that propelled the Cowboys to 3 Super Bowls in the ’90s. 100% pathetic.

  29. With so much Browns bashing, you would assume they were the only franchise pursuing Watson.

  30. ogre4nerds says:
    August 10, 2022 at 7:25 pm
    “Why wouldnt they start him?” …because the opposing D will be trying to hurt him.

    You realize that happens every game right? BA HA HA Nice try, next!

  31. If Goodell wants to stop this, he’s gonna have to hand down his punishment before game-time.

  32. Simple, they want to get some photos and video of him in game action in uniform for marketing purposes.

  33. It’s still hard to believe that the Browns replaced the 1st QB in 26 years to take them to the playoffs, with a QB who had 26 sexual assault charges against him.

  34. carloswlassiter says:
    August 10, 2022 at 5:22 pm
    Same people ripping the Browns are just fine with Tyreek Hill playing in KC and now Miami?


    I’m not. I think he got off way too easy.

  35. The Browns are really struggling to find players willing to take a spot on their roster. At this rate, they might not be able to field a team. No wonder Browns fans are so angry and crying all the time.

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