Matt Nagy: “I don’t know how I’ll feel” for preseason return to Chicago

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Matt Nagy saw some success as the Bears’ head coach from 2018-2021.

Chicago won a division title and went to the postseason as a wild card team in two seasons. But the Bears flamed out with a 6-11 finish in 2021, with Nagy and G.M. Ryan Pace getting fired in January.

Nagy found a soft landing with his former employer, going back to the Chiefs as a senior offensive assistant and quarterbacks coach. But he’ll be back at Soldier Field for the first time this weekend, as Kansas City takes on Chicago in the preseason opener.

“No. 1, what I have to do: It’s my professional job to make sure I step back and make sure it’s about we and not me,” Nagy said of the return, via Pete Sweeney of “I mean that when I say that. But that’s hard sometimes. And so when you get there, I’m so used to being on the home side, right? On the home sideline in the home locker room coming out, it’s different.

I don’t know how I’ll feel when I get out there. But I’m here for this team and these guys. I built great relationships with everyone there — but it’s the preseason, too, so we’re going to go out there and have some fun.”

Nagy also noted he’s had plenty of time to self-reflect and think about what he could have done better as a head coach.

“I built a ton of great relationships with a lot of great people, starting with Mrs. McCaskey, with George McCaskey, Ted Phillips, Ryan Pace, and so many great players and coaches,” Nagy said. ‘Those will last forever. Those aren’t going to leave. Four years is gone, but it didn’t end how we wanted it to. And there was disappointment, there was discouragement — but in all that said, I know I’m not defeated. I know those other players, coaches, and people aren’t defeated. And so, we just got to be better from it.”

Nagy was the Chiefs’ quarterbacks coach from 2013-2015 and their offensive coordinator from 2016-2017 before the Bears hired him. He compiled a 34-31 record as Chicago’s head coach with a 0-2 postseason record.

12 responses to “Matt Nagy: “I don’t know how I’ll feel” for preseason return to Chicago

  1. This team is another disaster, Nagy ran this team into the ground last year. He will boo-ed out of town again.

  2. The Bears will be in much better hands now, this man Nagy single handedly destroyed the Bears offense multiple times. Ruined Mitch Trubisky and abused and began to destroy Justin Fields.

    They should ban him from Soldier Field for life!

  3. Need to clarify, as a Bears fan, I’ll be elated to see him on the KC sideline knowing he’ll be leaving town as soon as the game is over. It will take the Bears years to recover from the incompetence of him and especially Pace. We’re handicapped enough by the McCaskey’s, that stretch with those 2 running the team was cruel and unusual punishment.

  4. That guy ruined so many careers in Chicago. Not just guys who played under him but the other coaches on his staff. He might be a nice enough guy but as a leader of men he just doesn’t have it.

  5. The photo perfectly captures the Nagy era in Chicago – looks like Mahomes is signaling to tell a teammate what to do and Nagy looks lost.

  6. Let’s face it. Nagy’s time in Chicago was a disaster. I hope he’s ready for the boo birds to be out in force.

  7. You just can’t count on any balding guy that wears a visor when its below freezing.

  8. Nagy appears to have regained some color in his face…. While here in Chicago he seemed to be turning blue because he was in so far over his head.. He might not know how he will feel on his return, but Bears fans will feel relieved that he was finally shown the door !

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