Nathaniel Hackett strongly hints at no Russell Wilson in Week One of the preseason

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It’s been an exciting week in Denver. It’s likely to ultimately be a little less exciting than it otherwise could have been.

When the Broncos host the Cowboys on Saturday night in the preseason opener at Mile High Stadium, it appears that new quarterback Russell Wilson won’t play.

Coach Nathaniel Hackett didn’t expressly rule Wilson out, but the first-year head coach strongly hinted that we won’t see Wilson on the field.

“No, I don’t think so,” Hackett said when asked be reporters whether he believes Wilson has to play on Saturday. “A guy of his caliber that’s been doing it this long. I don’t think it’s as important. You always have to look at it as risk-reward. Of course, you want to go out there and play football all the time. I think that’s why we practice. When you get out there, I’ve had a lot of different experiences throughout my career. The No. 1 most important thing is getting the guys healthy going into the season. That’s all that matters.”

He’s absolutely right. Every other objective for the preseason takes a back seat to entering the regular season without any key players lost for most or all of the year. For the Broncos, there’s no player more key than Wilson.

The fans who would love to see the franchise test-drive its new Ferrari on Saturday night may not like it. But it makes plenty of sense to keep it in the garage, for now.

4 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett strongly hints at no Russell Wilson in Week One of the preseason

  1. Hackett couldn’t care less about losing a preseason game – the evidence is right here in this article

    He’s all about isolating players one on one to see who can actually play

  2. yolo2020 says:
    August 10, 2022 at 7:20 pm
    Hackett needs an excuse when the Cowboys roll the Broncos.


    It’s preseason.

    Besides, the Broncos rolled the Cowboys during the actual season with a backup QB and Fangio. What was it again, 30-0 with 4 minutes left?

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