NFL wants immediate suspension of Deshaun Watson, NFLPA doesn’t rule it out

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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Earlier today, we raised the possibility of appeals officer Peter Harvey ruling in the next two days that Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson should be suspended for a full year, and that it should begin immediately. We have an update.

Yes, the NFL has asked for a one-year suspension starting now. If implemented before Friday night, this would keep Watson off the field for the preseason opener against the Jaguars. And, no, the NFL Players Association hasn’t ruled out the possibility of this happening.

As one source with knowledge of the union’s thinking on the case said, “We are ready if he does.”

Everyone else needs to be ready, too. Today, tomorrow, or Friday. Harvey can issue a ruling, and Watson will be barred from playing. And if the union plans to try to fight the decision in court, the league may be tempted to wait as long as possibly, thereby limiting the amount of time that the union has to launch a counter aimed at getting Watson on the field, for the balance of the preseason.

Regardless, this became an issue for us after Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke so bluntly about Watson on Tuesday. The league surely doesn’t want to see Watson in an NFL uniform on an NFL field, with highlights played on NFL Network. And since they’re pretty good at getting what they want, it makes sense to believe that, if they don’t want Watson in the building in Jacksonville on Friday night, he won’t be.

46 responses to “NFL wants immediate suspension of Deshaun Watson, NFLPA doesn’t rule it out

  1. One year? That’s it? So he ends up getting his huge guaranteed salary next year and only loses couch change this year?

  2. Wasn’t missed last year. Good riddance. Still unfathomable that the Browns (yes, I get it, it’s the Browns) gave the guy such a crazy contract (and paid so much draft capital for the guy). Texans have to feel a bit like cat that swallowed the canary.

  3. Watson’s off-field behaviour makes the league look shabby. Let’s forget about precedent and turn the page. This will allow the NFL to get really touch on owners whose personal conduct also leaves much to be desired.

  4. Why is this so hard ? If it were Joe Blow 3rd stringer he’d never sniff the NFL again.

  5. If that’s the case, then why are they waiting so long on making their decision? This should have been wrapped up months ago.

  6. Watson after two years essentially out of the league. That’s a HUGE gamble by The Browns.. Even if he’s better than OK when he returns they look ridiculous.

  7. The independent arbiter hand picked by the NFL passed down a sentence of 6 games. Why are the appealing?

  8. Brilliant trade by the Browns. Just a brilliant move all around. Get rid of the QB who helped win your first playoff game in decades and then trade your 1st round picks for years for a guy who won’t even play.

  9. Goddell is so late in issuing his statement. He should’ve said so on Day 1. Not Day 1000. It’s all about the money and the image.

  10. I’ll be honest with you it makes no never mind to me. But if you all think it’s that bad of a deal then throw him out completely.

  11. Watsons conduct aside, the browns are absolute morons for making the deal they did, and then releasing Baker.

    I feel very sorry for the great fans. They wont but should boycott the season.

  12. The day that Godell is no longer the NFL commisioner will always be delightful than any games missed by any football player. Godell is the worst.

  13. One year? That’s it? So he ends up getting his huge guaranteed salary next year and only loses couch change this year?

    No, if he is suspended for the year, then the contract doesn’t progress so he would play next year under the cap number for this year. In essence, the Browns would get an extra year out of him if and when he is allowed to play.

  14. Ever notice that with the NFL, the more money involved, the more circus style drama that plays on and on forever.

  15. Goodell could have suspended him until this was settled but chose not to, so this is on him. He can complain all he wants, but he didn’t think it warranted the suspension early on, but now wants to throw the book at him.

  16. Missing games barely affects Watson with his contract the way it is. Instead, hit him with six games but like a $30 million fine. Then he will feel it.

  17. The NFL is the biggest clown show organization in the World. They couldnt manage a Dairy Queen

  18. I said it before, I’ll say it again. The league seeks to punish the Browns organization as much as it wants to punish Watson – probably more

  19. Even if he’s suspended for 1 year, it’s hardly a big punishment. Barely losing any money, which is the true punishment.

    Browns ownership should be ashamed of themselves for signing this guy and structuring the contract to minimize his/their damage. If browns fans had any conscience they’d boycott the team.

  20. We all know that Roger wanted a year, plus a fine of several million. So that’s what it’s going to be, and I’m guessing the decision will come out today or tomorrow, with the NFL figuring that people will quickly move on to talking about the preseason games.

  21. If Peter Harvey gives everything the NFL wants then he’s a bigger fraud than Goodell.This would be a fix on a scale between Olympics boxing and WWE.

  22. If you’re truly innocent, there’s just no way I would settle. I would fight to clear my name. My name and legacy matters to me. What my children and grandchildren thought of me, matters. Sure I get, just pay so you can just move on with life. That’s fine if it’s something trivial, but something this serious, nah man, I just can’t do it. I would have to fight to clear my name.

  23. Mind boggling as to why a team would invite such a huge distraction into the fold,not to mention what they let go of to get him. Dumbest move ever…

  24. The NFL needs to simply not employ people who bring it into disrepute. Banish him.

  25. I’m for banning completely but if it doesn’t work than ban him for 1 year and take 200 million of his salary and give it to abused women charity

  26. The Browns should just trade Watson to the Philadelphia Eagles for the 2023 season.

  27. MNGoon says:
    August 10, 2022 at 2:15 pm
    He still hasn’t been charged with a crime though. But you authoritarians do you.

    I don’t have to break a law either… if in any way I make my employer look bad, I’m gone. It’s covered under the personal conduct policy and it has been enforced before. Figure it out.

  28. broughtupbrowns says:
    August 10, 2022 at 2:19 pm
    Yet Robert Kraft walks free
    Bob went to a place where both he and the massage provider were in agreement that there would be a tug after the rub. Deshaun’s massage therapists did not enter the room expecting to give a tug, but Deshaun still made it pretty clear that was expected. See the difference there?

  29. Get Garoppolo to agree to a substantial pay cut, offer the 49ers a late pick, and get him into camp.
    Garoppolo is an average starter, or worse, but he’s the Browns’ best hope to win a SB this season.
    Who else is there?

  30. All this moral indignation and yet I don’t hear anyone saying that the Texans deserve any type punishment for actively enabling DW4 with hotel rooms and NDAs. Yup, real moral bunch here.

  31. Do we really know this I mean you appoint a guy, let him do the job.If Watson plays pre season who cares.The big thing is to make sure he misses the season games and gets a big fine

  32. ghjjf says:
    August 10, 2022 at 1:30 pm
    One year? That’s it? So he ends up getting his huge guaranteed salary next year and only loses couch change this year?
    Actually, no. If Watson is suspended for the entire season rather than for a set number of games within the season, then under the current CBA this season won’t count towards Watson’s contract. As such, next season would be year one of Watson’s contract. So, all the effort they put into structuring Watson’s contract to negate the cost of a suspension would go out the window, and the salary he’d earn in the first year of his contract (next season) would be tiny. He’d still have his signing bonus money already, of course.

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