Brett Favre believes he suffered “thousands” of concussions in the NFL

Vikings - Green Bay Packer football September 26,1999. -- Minnesota Vikings linebacker Corey Miller Cleans up on the first Brett Favre, 4, sack forced by Duane Clemons,92, during the 2nd quarter at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.(Photo By JUDY GRIESEDIECK/Sta
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Brett Favre played almost all of his career before the NFL developed an appropriate sensitivity to head injuries. As a result, Favre believes he suffered plenty of them — and kept on playing.

Appearing on The Bubba Army radio show, the Hall of Fame quarterback made an estimate as to the number of concussions he has sustained while playing pro football.

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  1. The fact that he thinks it was even possible for him to have “thousands” means his brain has suffered plenty.

  2. Toughest and most fun guy to watch to ever step foot on the football field. Hands down.

  3. I loved to watch Favre play. He was tough and and played with passion. I miss this guy being on the field.

  4. At least we can agree that it was one too many. But he was a lot of fun to watch, and won a lot of games for us.

  5. I’m about the same age as Favre… it wasn’t a big deal when I was in high school. You got “your bell rung” was what they told us. Gave you a whiff of the smelling salt and take a couple plays off and if you felt ok get back in.

  6. That is scary as the number of former NFL players who have ALS or died from CTE is sobering. I could never wish those horrible diseases upon anyone. I hope he’s able to live each and every day with joy.

  7. I wonder if he can remember the total amount of money he grifted from the State of Mississippi?

  8. 50Stars says:
    August 11, 2022 at 8:24 pm

    Toughest and most fun guy to watch to ever step foot on the football field. Hands down.

    Love me some streetball.

  9. I have no doubt he’s right. I only played up through D1 in the 90’s and my wife asked me one time how many I concussions I had in football. I told her I lost count in high school and couldn’t even begin to guess how many in college.

  10. Every time Favre speaks… I’m both shocked, and yet not surprised at the breath of the ignorance. How can a man with such low cognitive ability (see his cases in Mississippi or any public statements he makes) also be one of the most skilled passers and high IQ Football players who ever lived? I don’t get it. Did Football almost literally beat his brains out? (for context, he if had “thousands” of concussions, he’d be dead lol)

  11. Does anyone believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Just go home to your ranch Brett and find a hobby out of the media. Driver said you would be a ghost when you retired the 1st time. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

  12. Oh, OK. That’s his excuse. It sure is easy to deflect when you’re wealthy af, isn’t it?

  13. It is entirely possible that Favre suffered thousands of concussions. There is no rule regarding concussions that stipulate only concussions suffered in NFL games count as a concussion. He might have had his first in Pop Warner, who knows? It’s easier to be concussed after the first one.

  14. “I blame the Medicaid money I stole from the good citizens of Mississippi on the crappy offensive line I played behind so you shouldn’t be pointing the finger at me. Plus, I don’t even know what interest is.”

  15. Explains the unexplainable interceptions. Loved him…. Up until he got caught cheating. Wife with cancer. Very telling. Go Southern Miss.

  16. Sure, soon as he is found to be embroiled in taking money he should not and being in an embarrassing situation that highlights a lack of much care for others, he talks concussions.


  17. I don’t know about thousands but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in the dozens or more. Troy Aikman and Steve Young have both said they probably had 8 or more and that was at a time when they weren’t diagnosed that much. Some of the hits those guys took in the 80s and 90s were absolutely brutal.

  18. He could have suffered “thousands” of sub-concussive hits that took their toll over time.
    Every time you’re concussed your pupils dilate and the symptoms are pretty obvious.

    I’ve had 4 in my life. The worst one required nearly two weeks in bed and left me without peripheral vision for a couple days.

    Favre may have suffered “thousands” of hits that each led to a minimal amount of brain trauma, but there is no way he’s experienced “thousands” of concussions.

    Now that he mentions it this would explain how he pronounces his last name.

  19. Favre is a con and will say anything for money.


    I don’t think he’s getting any money for each concussion he had. Unless it was while he was playing for the Vikings!

  20. Love this legend, an NFL institution. Unfortunately, this is what we created by loving this violent dance so much. I hope so much that I am wrong, but I don’t see him making it to 60. When the loss of cognition becomes too much for these gladiators, they generally find a way out.

  21. Maybe Favre suffered millions of concussions. It has been said that he even got a brain concussion periodically when he was brushing his teeth.

  22. We joke, but even if he had half the hits to the head that he talks about, he’s a candidate for CTE. Which would not be funny.

  23. So he’s dead then??

    322 games reg season & playoffs combined. I have no doubt that he had more than the 3 he was diagnosed with, but c’mon.

  24. Younger fans who might be confused how this could happen need to realize the full definitions of concussions didn’t come along until the past 10 years or so. In the 90’s and earlier, we only thought there was a concussion if you were knocked out cold for several minutes and were in the hospital. Even knockouts in boxing weren’t thought of as a “concussion”. and that’s not even talking about the flash knockouts and all the seeing stars that Favre is referring to. All of those were just considered temporary effects from a hit and that’s it.

  25. who cares if he’s a good football player, he’s a horrible human, willingly taking millions alloctaed for people struggling to put food on their table, yeah, let’s admire that guy

  26. Is that his excuse for throwing 900 interceptions or stealing Mississippi tax payer money

  27. dr favre’s diagnosis might have something to do with the fraud accusations down in mississippi. he may be portraying himself as mentally compromised.

  28. I never liked Favre. That is, until Aaron Rodgers came along. Then I found out who I really disliked.

  29. Too easy and obvious to comment on Brett getting hit in the head thousands of times, affecting his cognitive ability.

  30. KnowsMoreThanYou says:

    I never liked Favre. That is, until Aaron Rodgers came along. Then I found out who I really disliked.
    You do know it’s possible to dislike two people at once, right?

  31. Football has crossed the Rubicon.

    They haven’t done enough to protect players. Players can’t see past the money.

    It was a great ride. Glad I saw the best the sport had to offer.

  32. The characterization used back in the day is that the player got his “bell rung”. They’d come out for a play only if necessary

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