Joe Judge now calling plays for Patriots

New England Patriots Training Camp
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It appears the Patriots are having their own version of The Apprentice as they seek to replace Josh McDaniels as the play-caller for the offense.

Offensive line coach Matt Patricia, who served as the team’s defensive coordinator from 2012-17 before leaving to becoming the Lions’ head coach, began Thursday night’s preseason game calling the plays for Brian Hoyer.

Hoyer, who started in place of Mac Jones, played two series and generated a touchdown. The Patriots had 75 yards on his 13 plays.

So the Patriots might have Patricia call the plays in the regular season, but then again. . . .

When Bailey Zappe replaced Hoyer on Thursday night, quarterbacks coach Joe Judge took over the play-calling duties. On three series with Zappe in the first half, the Patriots had 12 plays and 13 yards.

To create a little more intrigue, Bill Belichick even had a hand in the offense, talking to the quarterbacks during the game.

The Giants lead 10-7 at halftime, and the Patriots have 88 yards. Hoyer went 5-of-8 for 59 yards and a touchdown, while Zappe was 3-of-9 for 16 yards.

17 responses to “Joe Judge now calling plays for Patriots

  1. I think Bill is going to miss having McDaniels around. He kept their O respectable with Mac Jones and somehow won 7 games with Cam Newton. Now it looks like theyre trying to figure out how to do it. May as well use pre season games to figure it out.

  2. great sign for a team when its reported that 2 different people are running your offensive plays on the same day…. I’ve said forever that Belichick is a symptom of circumstance much more than skill as a coach… and this is proving it more.

  3. I think Zappe has a chance to be a decent to above average NFL QB. Not saying he will be I’m saying he has a chance, there was a lot to like about him coming out..

  4. Zappe had like 5000 yards last year passing, and he was going against less talent. I hate Patricia obviously, but I was surprised Hoyer was still in the league! He was old in the league ten years ago.

  5. This sounds like desperation. Like when the Eagles promoted Juan Castillo from O-line coach to DC.

  6. This cheating franchise should be exposed like the Astros were….RG lacked the intestinal fortitude.

  7. What a shocker, the defensive coordinator isn’t very good at calling offensive plays. Amazed it took the Patriots this long to figure that one out…

  8. wearitclara says:
    August 12, 2022 at 12:08 am
    This cheating franchise should be exposed like the Astros were….RG lacked the intestinal fortitude.

    So this is cheating too? Geez.

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