Mitch Trubisky starts Saturday, total playing time to be determined

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Mitch Trubisky has been the No. 1 quarterback in Pittsburgh since the start of training camp and he’ll remain in that role when the team plays its first preseason game on Saturday.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin confirmed that Trubisky will get the start against the Seahawks. Mason Rudolph and first-round pick Kenny Pickett are expected to follow Trubisky into the game, although Tomlin said that the exact playing time everyone hasn’t been totally sorted out at this point.

“We’ve got every intention of playing the three quarterbacks,” Tomlin said, via the team’s website. “How much is to be determined. We have a template or framework in which we we’d like to attack this in terms of participation and division of labor. We’ve got every intention of the first group playing a quarter, the second groups playing the second and third quarter and then the third group playing the fourth quarter. . . . It’s not going to be hard lines. We’re going to do what we feel is appropriate. Our goal is to come out of this game giving everybody an opportunity to show what they’re capable of and gain a better understanding of their play under real football like circumstances, and so that’s exciting.”

Tomlin said seeing how all of the team’s players “move and function fluidly in the midst of actual play is a significant step” after weeks of training camp practices. He said the way players perform “under those circumstances are weighted more heavily,” so it should prove to be an important milestone in the quarterback competition.

6 responses to “Mitch Trubisky starts Saturday, total playing time to be determined

  1. Considering that they have no idea how the game is going to go and, therefore, they don’t know how many offensive possessions and plays they are going to have, I find it difficult to understand that there would be a “template” for fitting in 3 QB’s to the same game.

  2. The unfortunate reality about Mitchell Trubisky is he has to play above and beyond his natural abilities to consistently win. This was proven in Chicago. Sure he flashed and had some good games,but couldn’t consistently produce for his team. Mitch will be a good high-end backup QB that can come in and get you a few wins in a pinch if/when the starter goes down. Kenny Pickett is the future in Pittsburgh.

  3. But but but I thought the Steeler fans said that Mason Rudolph would lead them to the super bowl!

  4. No sure what planet you’re from madcap but no Steeler fan EVER said Rudolph would lead them to the Super Bowl. Like, ever.

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