Ravens extend preseason winning streak to 21

Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens
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Well, we have to keep hearing about it for another week.

By defeating the Titans, 23-10, the Baltimore Ravens have won their 21st straight preseason game, dating all the way back to 2015. It’s an all-time NFL record. But since it involves games that are inherently meaningless, what meaning does it really have?

Last year, coach John Harbaugh defended the significance of the record when the Ravens got to 19, matching the Lombardi-era Packers.

“There’s going to be people that are going to say this doesn’t mean anything,” Harbaugh said. “There’s going to be people that are going to look at it and say, ‘Wow, that’s something.’ I’m of the belief that everything has meaning in life. . . . All those guys who were a part of that over those years should be proud tonight of that because it’s something only one other team has ever done — the Vince Lombardi Green Bay Packers. I’d say that’s notable.”

It’s a testament to the intensely competitive nature of John Harbaugh. And as long as his competitive nature doesn’t get him to do stupid things, like re-insert starters late in a close game (e.g., Rex Ryan getting Mark Sanchez injured in the Snoopy Bowl), it’s no big deal.

Still, it really is meaningless. Preseason records evaporate as soon as the exhibition games end. The 2008 Lions went 0-16 after going 4-0 in the preseason. Those August wins aren’t any type of silver lining on a season of sewage.

Roughly a decade ago, while folks were complaining about the quality of preseason games, I suggested making preseason record one of the final tiebreakers, just above coin flip. And that made plenty of people lose their minds.

So it’s meaningless. If the Ravens want to give meaning to it, that’s their business. But if they ever let that get in the way of what really matters, they cross the line from competitive into colossally ignorant.

57 responses to “Ravens extend preseason winning streak to 21

  1. Congrats at being king of meaningless games!
    To bad for their fans that it does not extend over into the regular seasons…

  2. (Big) difference being that Lombardi’s Packers were in the process of winning NFL championships 5 out of 7 seasons during that timeframe.

  3. Just being devils advocate, they might push a little more to keep the record going which could result in some injuries. Just thinking of the bad, this obviously has some merit as to the coaching and depth. Pretty impressive.

  4. Even though Malik looked like tiny dancer who made his numbers looks only bad and not terrible because a wide receiver had 10 yard separation 40 yards down the field. I could’ve made that pass.

  5. I don’t care what anybody says, just on a law-of-averages scale, this is very impressive……preseason or not. Why not be the first-ready every year? That’s pretty good. Hat’s off.

  6. First place losers? I get it, you always want to compete but they are obviously competing for a participation trophy.

  7. Also fun stat about the preseason. Never has a team won all four preseason games then go onto win the super bowl. That alone shows its not the time to on a winning streak

  8. It does matter though. Not on the final standing st the end of the season, but it still matters.

    Tonight an undrafted receiver named Shermar Bridges may have put his name on the final 53 man roster. He played big and made some beautiful contested catches.

    Anthony Brown Jr. showed some nice poise and decision making under center. He won’t beat out Lamar, but he might get to stay on the roster.

    Isaiah Likely make some great catches as well, and might have surpassed Nick Boyle on the depth chart as a receiver.

    Jordan Stout got to hold for the greatest kicker of all time in a game situation and didn’t show any learning curve.

    It may be meaningless to every sloth sitting in front of their televisions. But it means the world to a number of athletes who will inevitably never get to dress otherwise. I enjoy watching those guys play hard for their dreams, knowing that it won’t end the way they want. Position battles are fun to navigate as well.

  9. Um, thanks for letting us know. This is up there with all of the great streaks in sports. We’ll always remember where we were when Baltimore won its 21st straight pre-season game.

  10. Insignificant yes, meaningless, no. It shows that Harbs can get his team ready to play very early in the season. He doesn’t win these games by stuffing the lineup with veterans, he takes rookies and gets them up to game speed faster than the other guys. While these games count for nothing, they have to be played anyway, and he’s better at preparing his team to play in a short amount of time than a lot of other coaches.

  11. I think they’ve already entered into colossal ignorance based on the coach bragging about the “accomplishment”.

  12. Much like the Lamar Hunt trophy for the AFC champs in the post-season the time is ripe for a LaMar Jackson trophy for the preseason AFC champs.

  13. Maybe the NFL can give it meaning by using it to determine draft pick order. That’s right – a win in preseason counts as a loss for determining draft position.

  14. Oh wow! I’m so totally impressed!

    Perhaps the Colts will lend them one of their banners to celebrate!!!

  15. Means nothing? Well, when I go to any of my teams games and spend my hard earned money and taking my kids whether it’s preseason or not, I want them to win. You guys kill me with this Supebowl or bust mentality. You mean to tell me, seeing the utter joy on your kids face when they win, means nothing? Or going into work Monday when your team is on 6 game win streak and you get to give it to your friends, please.

  16. JMHO, but the Ravens’ preseason streak is the second greatest sports accomplishment of all time trailing only my older brother hitting 3 triple 20’s when we played darts in ’89. Dynasty, Rick!

  17. Obviously it means very little to win a preseason game, but the Ravens under Harbaugh are playoff contenders year in and year out and you can’t ignore every opportunity to gain an edge. If you can instill a desire to win preseason games in your full, expanded preseason roster, then you’re doing a pretty damn good job at Coaching em up! It’s never too early to hate losing!

  18. I’m wondering if this streak is this long because most teams don’t care about preseason wins

  19. Is it meaningless? absolutely. But I agree with harbs for once. A lot of guys don’t make it in the NFL… those guys who were apart of those preseason teams who scored a td or got a sack will forever remember being apart of an NFL record no matter how meaningless it maybe

  20. Actually it has good meaning, your going to get a good idea about how good your 2nd,3rd stringers are going to play. Seems like it worked for them since they had the crazy injuries last season and almost made it too the playoffs

  21. I’m thinking Harbaugh must have been really proud of kissing his sister when he was young…
    Since 2015, they’ve gone 1-3 in the playoffs while missing them entirely in 4 out of those 7 years.
    But congratulations on the win streak John!

  22. Let us hope they lose so we do not have to keep hearing about the most useless so called record in the NFL. Considering it means zero in the real world of football and they have won nothing of note since this stupid record started. BTW. Two SBs in their history and they lost 2 preseason games during both of those years.

  23. The players should be playing to win. The coaches should be seeing what they’ve got in the players hoping to fill positions on the team. Seems like that’s what they are and have been doing since 2015.

  24. This is a stupid, meaningless, potentially damaging record. NOBODY game plans for exhibition games. Winning a bunch of preseason games likely means the Ravens are planning, at least to some extent. What – you think Harbaugh is the only intensely competitive coach in the NFL? The rest of them just realize that there are higher priorities in “friendlies” than winning. Back in the day, when Joe Gibbs went 0-4 or 1-3 in the preseason, we KNEW we were in for a great season. I suspect the Ravens will at some point have a catastrophic injury in an exhibition game and will dial back that “intense competitiveness” a few notches.

  25. No John…EVERYBODY is gonna say this is meaningless, except delusional Ravens fans. Maybe someday the team w/ the best preseason record will be given the “Lamar Jackson Award”.

  26. And are 11-10 in the last 21 games that actually matter. Went undefeated last preseason, 8-9 in the regular season. Congrats Harbaugh!

  27. Sure the strak does not win them anything. All it does is show that the Baltimore Ravens are the best drafting and developing team in the NFL!!! Ravens are relevent every year while some teams have made the playooffs for the first time in 30 years. Every year when the Ravens make there cuts numeurous teams pick those players up. Drafting and developing is a lot different then getting lucky in the 6th round one year.

  28. Aw come on! All a pre-season win means is the guys that aren’t making our team are better than the guys that aren’t making your team!

  29. As a Ravens fan, my favorite part of “the streak” is watching all of you football “experts” bust a corpuscle over it. Does it mean they will win the Super Bowl? Of course not, but winning is always better than losing, and its kinda fun.

    Some of you really need to get a grip on life and not take yourself (and this streak) so seriously. If it shows anything, it shows that DeCosta and Harbaugh draft quality players and quality depth. For that, I am definitely grateful.

  30. If I were allowed to post a meme on here it would be the “See, nobody cares” meme.

  31. Serious bet- All the haters of The Streak will be piling on the Ravens when they finally lose a preseason game.

    People only hate accomplishments/teams/streaks in sports out of jealousy.

    The fact the Ravens have so many haters means they are doing something right.

    Good for them.

  32. The people hating on here and saying it doesn’t matter to them are really showing how much it does mean to them.

  33. stellarperformance says:
    August 11, 2022 at 11:38 pm
    I don’t care what anybody says, just on a law-of-averages scale, this is very impressive……preseason or not. Why not be the first-ready every year? That’s pretty good. Hat’s off.
    Rams we’re 0-3 last preseason and then won the SB. First ready? The Ravens first three preseasons of going undefeated they didn’t even make the playoffs. The Browns once went 4-0 in the preseason. They then went 0-16. At least they were first ready. Right?

  34. Brett Hundley should not be playing a ton in a preseason game. They know who he is, what he can do and he knows the offense. The opportunity the preseason presents is an opportunity to see how prospects/projects/young players are doing when thrown in with real NFL players or players on the cusp of making an NFL roster. Giving NFL vets a warm up for the season is a distant second in terms of preseason value, since the vets know what they are doing and prep week by week for each game depending on the opponent. Really, vets probably should not play at all in the preseason, since it’s a poor simulation of an actual regular season game and the risk of injury is too great. Walsh’s 49ers teams were intensely prepared and intensely competitive. There was no concern about the actual preseason record, and just from memory (because no one actually keeps track of preseason records, as those records are MEANINGLESS) the 49ers tended to be about 500 in the preseason in Walsh’s tenure.

  35. “howboutthemcowboys2020 says:
    August 12, 2022 at 11:19 am
    What is their Playoff losing streak at?”

    Uh, one. The same as or less than literally every team in the NFL not named the Rams

  36. Ravens have a 1 game playoff losing streak. They beat the Titans last year in the first round of the playoffs.

  37. Maybe just maybe the win means something to the players competing who don’t have a future roster spot and want to make a name or even a highlight memory for themselves. What a wild and crazy thought! Harbaugh is a players coach and it shows by the effort put in from the players to keep the streak alive.

  38. Newsflash – this win means something to the players who competed and played the game. Roster spot or not, get over the hate for Harbaugh who is such a great motivator of players. Cheers!

  39. The Ravens sat 32 players last night, so it wasn’t like they were playing starters to keep a preseason winning streak going. They want their backup players to play hard even in the preseason to try to win. I see nothing wrong with that.

  40. It’s not like the Ravens played any starters other than the punter and kicker. They didn’t even use a starting offensive lineman or fullback. The secondary was rookies and 3rd stringers. There is nothing special the Ravens are doing to keep this streak going. It’s more coincidence than anything

  41. What you saw last night was the Ravens’ young guys beat the Titans’ young guys. The Ravens’ young guys have been beating everybody else’s young guys for 21 straight games. So what does that tell you? It tells you that the Ravens draft better that just about everyone else. That’s it.

  42. Should we name the preseason trophy as the Harbaugh trophy? Hey mom, I won a Harbaugh!

  43. Thats the difference between Harbaugh and a lot of other coaches. Most other coaches would have just said they are not paying attention to that and are focusing on the team and the season. Harbaugh is a special kind of coach to be able to find a way to openly brag about preseason winning.

  44. All the Ravens fans trying to defend Harbaugh here are the same ones that would be ridiculing Belichick if he ever said such a thing. (To be fair, I would be ridiculing him too in such case)

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