Report: Deshaun Watson would accept eight-game suspension, pay $5 million fine

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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As the NFL prepares to impose an unprecedented punishment on Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson for four instances of non-violent sexual assault, Watson has made a last-ditch effort to resolve the situation.

According to Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press, Watson “would accept” an eight-game suspension and pay a $5 million fine to resolve the situation.

We placed “would accept” in quotes because that makes it not part of a negotiation, not a formal offer to which the league would respond, sparking a back and forth that finishes with more games and more money. It’s Watson’s camp floating the idea of what it would take to get it done.

The report makes no indication as to what the league will do. In a subsequent item, we’ll analyze the potential response from the party that, at this point, has the deck fully stacked in its favor — as evidenced by Watson’s willingness to miss nearly half the season and surrender half the salary he earned last year.

66 responses to “Report: Deshaun Watson would accept eight-game suspension, pay $5 million fine

  1. How about no.

    Suspension should be indefinite in length, covering at minimum this entire upcoming season. $40 million fine on top of it, with the league providing that money to non-profit organizations supporting abuse victims.

  2. lucky for him the appeal is final and binding, so he’ll accept whatever they want him to

  3. I hope NFL is much better than this and go for a year of suspension plus much more than that stupid $9.6MM first year salary he purposely lowered to.

    Absolutely horrendous if NFL would lower the moral code even further by not penalizing for more. Do what’s right, not what’s easy.

    This is a guy who is a sexual predator with over 68+ different individuals! A lot of other players were penalized much more for doing much less. Come on NFL.

  4. He’ll also accept a year minimum and 10 million fine, he doesn’t really have a choice in the matter. Time to negotiate has ended

  5. when the nfl offered 12 games … that was the chance
    i said 10 games ans 10 million now … 1 year minimum

  6. Watson is still trying to dictate how things go. He bullied and intimidated those ladies, and ultimately bought some of their silence. Now he’s actually trying to intimidate the NFL, telling them how many games HE will miss and how much money HE will pay. The laughter you are now hearing is coming from the leagues office in New York.

  7. Wait a second, so you break the law and now you get to say what your punishment is. I really wish this guy would go away.

  8. A year suspension at least to show the NFL is serious about maintaining the integrity of the league. The fine isn’t as much of an issue.

  9. Everyone bashing the NFL for being too light doesn’t understand the difference between NFL and NFLPA. And the ill effects of over unionization.

  10. Make it eight games, time served from last year. Pay fine based on last years salary, under go some counseling and start throwing touchdown passes again in week 1.

  11. jjfootball says:
    August 11, 2022 at 6:42 pm
    Not even close to being enough


    It’s more than Ben got

  12. Rumor is the Browns and Deshaun are willing to accept an 11 game suspension… as long as Deshaun is all\owed to play the 2 games each against the Steelers, Bengals and Ravens

  13. We know it’ll be at lest a year, the thing we do t know is, what the fine is going to be. My guess is at least 20 million.

  14. Cancel his guaranteed contract and suspend him permanently. This will send a message to any future players thinking about doing this .

  15. Hard to tell who the bigger buffoons are – DeShaun and his crew or the Browns in general? The more he says, the more I think he truly DOES belong on the Browns..

  16. I think a full season with a fine $46 million (average value of contract per season) is more than fair. I mean the dude probably deserves to be in prison.

  17. Predatory behavior, that not 1 of 66 went to the police with? He definitely has a problem but to act like all 24 cases were pristine gold and not just money grabs is looking at this glass full. The morale police wants to pick and choose, but Godell can’t have both you open Pandora’s box and I’m sure like Vince McMahon those owners have skeletons too. He will not be suspended for a year, guaranteed.

  18. Nice of the Predator to “accept” an additional 2 games and some change. This guy shouldn’t be allowed to play…..EVER. Go get a real job and feel the real struggle of what is currently going on in America.

  19. Suspend him a year with no financial penalty. The contract won’t start until next year. The financial penalty will be that he has to play next year on the cheap first year of the deal he wanted so badly to avoid much financial hit. The irony will be great.

  20. He should have taken the 12 game offer that the NFL reportedly made him previously. He’s in no position to be setting terms at this point, he’ll have to deal with whatever Harvey ends up imposing.

  21. nhpats2011 says:

    August 11, 2022 at 8:18 pm

    jjfootball says:
    August 11, 2022 at 6:42 pm
    Not even close to being enough


    It’s more than Ben got
    It’s not accurate to compare rules from years ago especially when the rules have changed a d that’s not just an NFL thing. If your caught speeding today you dont get the same punishment as someone did 20 or 40 years ago.

  22. If he’s willing to accept 8 games and 5M, then double it at minimum. It’s not something you’re supposed to be comfortable with.

  23. Once again the characterless Browns fans on here acting like a sexual predator has done nothing wrong. Why don’t you folks hide under a rock like any self respecting fan of the Browns should? Disgusting organization and any fan who roots for Watson and lets their kids see it is just as bad as them.

  24. How gracious of you Deshaun. Here’s my counter offer…how about you get banned from the NFL for life and give up that 230 million dollar contract? Never reward a sexual predator!!!

  25. i think they should toll the contract and let him earn the 1 mil next season… and add a fine which would take any potential gain from the jimmied contract away…..

  26. The whine of the day in Cleveland is “Why did the NFL allow the trade without telling the Browns there would definitely be a suspension?” DUH! Everyone but Jimmy Haslam knew, just as everyone but Haslam knew Johnny Manziel was an unmotivated, airhead party boy. Jimmy Haslam’s Browns legacy is 1-31, Hue Jackson, Johnny Foosball, wrecking Baker Mayfield, and giving up three #1s to acquire the most toxic guy in football. Cleveland fans deserve MUCH better.

  27. Me thinks even Browns fans are starting to be luke warm at best regarding what Watson wants or is willing to accept. Not a good trajectory for that man and they will turn on him quickly when he struggles on the field.

  28. hodawg says:
    August 11, 2022 at 7:52 pm
    Make it eight games, time served from last year. Pay fine based on last years salary, under go some counseling and start throwing touchdown passes again in week 1.

    Time served from last year? He was not suspended last year, nor was he on the exmpt list.
    He quit on the Texans and voluntarily sat out the season while demanding a trade. And he got his full salary last year.

  29. It’s like the NFL keeps floating punishment scenarios to the public to see the response before they finally decide. How about this? Is this much ok with people? What are they saying?

  30. This person needs to go away for life. Enough already he should not get to have a choice in the matter of punishments.

  31. For a guy that says he didn’t do anything… he’s now willing to pay a 5 million dollar fine?

  32. One year suspension from ALL team activities and facilities
    25 Million Dollar fine
    League ordered treatment
    Then he gets the chance at Reinstatement after he completes 400 hrs of community service within 6 months
    5 years probation for ANY offense which would trigger a three year suspension with no appeal if he violates his probation

  33. He ” believes “? I believe he is spoiled, feels entitled, and has no moral compass. 2 years and forfeiture of all pay.

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