Matt Patricia is calling Patriots offensive plays

New England Patriots Training Camp
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It any other head coach were doing something like this, everyone would be calling him an idiot.

But Bill Belichick, thanks to six Super Bowl wins as a head coach and two more as a defensive coordinator, gets a broad benefit of the doubt when it comes to a long-time defensive assistant turned head coach turned jack-of-all-trades calling the offensive plays.

Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston reports that Matt Patricia, technically the offensive line coach, is calling the plays for the New England offense in the preseason opener against the Giants. (The Patriots broadcast, being simulcast on NFL Network, acknowledged late in the first quarter that it appears Patricia is calling the offensive plays.)

Patricia graduated from the position of defensive coordinator to head coach of the Lions. After being fired by Detroit during his third season, Patricia returned to the Patriots. He was involved in various roles last year, including the negotiation of contracts.

This year’s quarterbacks coach is Joe Judge, a former special-teams coordinator who washed out in two years as head coach of the Giants.

The Patriots are trying to replace long-time offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who became the new head coach of the Raiders earlier this year. Again, if any other coach were trying to do it this way, it would not be pretty.

Whether it’s anything but ugly for the New England offense remains to be seen.

25 responses to “Matt Patricia is calling Patriots offensive plays

  1. Patricia coached up for three year’s, last season’s Super bowl winning qb. Coïncidence.. Bill thinks not!

    What qb wouldn’t thrive with three headed monsters in his ears.

  2. Yeah based on this preseason game so far I really don’t think there’s going to be a QB controversy in NE this year. Lol

  3. BB may be the best of all time, but even the best start to show cracks. If they struggle on offense and it goes badly, the whispers of Bill jumping the shark will get louder.

  4. The game is too fast for Zappe. Maybe it will eventually slow down for him.

  5. The world continues to watch that ridiculous pencil behind his ear.

    The pencil wonders… “Where is the piece of paper that fulfills my existence?”

    The world tells the pencil… “Don’t worry. He went to MIT, so he must be smart.”

  6. Well, at least BB will still be able to beat the Jets this year. I can see him retiring after this season. It’s just too embarrassing for him to admit that he is a .500 head coach without Brady.

  7. Pencil sucks!

    In “unrelated” news, a negative number of Patriots are being drafted in fantasy.

  8. It any other head coach were doing something like this, everyone would be calling him an idiot.
    I think I will go ahead and call belichick an idiot.
    Jones’ stats for the first game 6-19 53 yards and 2 INTs


  9. religionisforidiots says:
    August 11, 2022 at 7:55 pm
    Buffalo will bury this team.
    We’re talking about practice (a pre-season game), man!
    Not an (official) game.
    Not an (official) game.
    What are we talking about… practice? (a pre-season game).
    We ain’t talking about the (official) game!
    We’re talking about practice, (a pre-season game).

  10. They better hope they get lucky enough to film a lot more pre-game walk throughs, like they did prior to the 2001 SB vs the Rams, if they want to win games this year.

  11. I’m available,in case Matty P’s beard succeeds in overtaking his entire head. I bet you my current yearly salary versus his that I’d be just as/more successful. Plus, Bill would like me. I’m “distinguished”.

  12. Tom Brady says:
    August 11, 2022 at 7:57 pm
    Get your popcorn ready
    Sure is! Seeing the triggered fan club realize you will never sniff an NFL playoff game again, and you won’t, ought to be a great time! 😄

  13. I hate the patriots, but isn’t Patricia supposed to be some kind of genius?

    In an NFL world (and patriots staff)that runs more on nepotism and networking, maybe it’s possible that Patricia is just that smart.

    We act like there’s this huge gulf between offensive and defensive coaches. Spend enough years calling plays on one side of the ball and you get a feel for the other side as well.

    Frankly I hope it’s a disaster, but I think that will have more to do with the roster than who’s calling the plays.

  14. bradygirl12 says:
    August 12, 2022 at 12:43 am

    They’re toast. Patricia and Judge will ruin Mac Jones,I’m afraid.


    It will be the opposite. Mac Jones will make Patricia and Judge.

  15. I thought I saw a clip of another pencil head walking around in NE. Has it become an infectious disease?

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