Bucs bungled Tom Brady’s training-camp hiatus

NFL: AUG 06 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp
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The sudden news that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will be gone from the team for at least 10 days apparently wasn’t news to the Buccaneers. The fact that the team kept it secret until it was time for Brady to leave camp for a week and a half have raised questions about whether the team should have handled it differently.

Plenty of fans, doing what fans do, insist that it’s a non-issue. If the team doesn’t care, why should we or anyone else? Balanced against the inclination to say there’s nothing to see here are the folks whose job it is to see everything, and to write about it.

Joey Knight, who covers the Buccaneers for the Tampa Bay Times, raised this question on Twitter: “If it was planned for a while, why didn’t they tell us that on Day 1 of camp? (‘Hey folks, just a heads up that Tom will miss some time during camp…’). That so easily could’ve dispelled the (warranted) speculation now occurring.”

That’s the problem. The way it was handled invites curiosity. Which results in speculation. As the situation has been explained by the team, it can be anything from a scheduled family surgical procedure to a mid-camp vacation.

Regardless, it’s unprecedented. (Then again, at this point for the 45-year-old Brady, everything is unprecedented.)

There’s also a question about whether his teammates knew he’d be leaving camp. Even with Brady being Brady, human beings will be human beings — and those left to do the real work will feel some resentment to anyone who isn’t pulling an oar next to everyone else.

It’s just strange. It’s odd. When has this ever happened before? And how can anyone say Brady is all in with the Bucs if his absence arises from anything other than an absolutely unavoidable personal situation?

We don’t know what it is, because no one is getting specific about it. And that’s fair. It’s Brady’s right to keep his personal matters private. But it’s the job of those of us who track the comings and goings of NFL players to wonder whether it will impact his professional status.

30 responses to “Bucs bungled Tom Brady’s training-camp hiatus

  1. Didn’t he also miss a couple days previous to this for “personal reasons”? He and his family took a long vacation to Italy not so long ago – pics were everywhere.

    Brady being Brady, who is always “all in” I can’t see him scheduling a vacation in the middle of what he knew would be preseason. Kind of goes against his “all in” philosophy.

    Makes one wonder…well, makes this one wonder. I hope all is okay with him and his family.

  2. Feels to me like he wants the story surrounding himself, Ross, Payton, and Flores to die down before he has to answer questions about his complicity with their illegalities. He’s cheated in the past, so he has no problems cheating now. So Tommy cheating the fans out of an explanation isn’t going to lose him any sleep, on his thoroughly planned vacation wink wink

  3. Probably wants to spend some time with his family before the season starts.
    Is it really that hard to read between the lines?
    Not that hard to fathom.
    I’m sure his teammates know what’s up.
    And even if someone feels resentment for the man, who are they to say anything?
    Guarantee no teammate is dumb enough to complain.

  4. Hopefully he is retiring and our long national nightmare is over and he can go straight to FOX where he’ll fit right in

  5. How about he’s taking time off to deal with a personal family matter with the team’s permission just like he said and it’s none of our business. Does everything have to be a conspiracy?

  6. I saw one puff piece commending him for trying to find a good work/life balance, and saying we should all be doing the same. So hey, unannounced two-week vacations for everybody!

  7. This doesn’t feel like anything. Are his teammates really going to be upset that he’s not practicing? He’s Tom freaking Brady. Do we think he won’t be locked in and ready on week 1 based on everything in his history? The fact that he participates in training camp at all shows that he’s putting in more effort at this stage in the season that he really needs to.

  8. Why didn’t they tell anyone before? Speculation runs wild but, it could be that when he thought he was going to become part owner in the Dolphins, opps I mean retire, he planned an exclusive vacation trip for the family and doesn’t want to disappoint his children or wife by canceling? I’m sure it was part of the agreement to unretire. Or like Farve, Gronk and many others coming close to the end of their careers, they like to get all the attention they can.

  9. I really think Tom came into camp and witnessed the leaking offensive line and has stepped away to rethink his decision to retire again. He’s going to get sacked a lot this year with 3 new offensive lineman. Capos went to the Bengals , Ali mappet retired and Jensen is hurt for at least 1O games.

  10. Who cares? If the employer is ok with it & expected it or said “fine”, the teammates say it fine, & the games don’t matter (unless you’re John Harbaugh & the Ravens), what’s the big deal? Old man Brady knows the playbook better than the OC & anyone on the team.

  11. By opening kickoff of the regular season, everyone will have completely forgotten this story.

  12. Has anyone considered that perhaps they waited until he was on hiatus so Brady and team could avoid the questions from media about why? Seems logical and obvious to me.

  13. Why would this be a story and No the Bucs didn’t bungle anything. Hes allowed vets days off for anything he wants to. Leave it alone already

  14. Take all the time you need, Tom.

    Two weeks. Two months. Two years. The longer the better.

    No one has earned it more.

  15. Anyone can have a personal situation that warrants time off. In Brady’s case, he already knows the game well plan enough and has the stature to receive required time off. For the Bucs, I’m sure they hope this time off will result in a 100% on-board Brady playing like he did last year.

  16. Because it’s no one else’s business and a non-story. All of us have had to handle personal business off company time. It’s called adulting.

  17. footballpat says:
    August 12, 2022 at 10:29 am
    How about he’s taking time off to deal with a personal family matter with the team’s permission just like he said and it’s none of our business. Does everything have to be a conspiracy?

    For marketing purposes, yes.

  18. It wasn’t announced because he didn’t want to be around to answer questions about it. When he comes back he’ll just keep saying “I’m looking forward, not backward, so I’m not going to talk about that.” That’s one thing he picked up from Belichick, the idea that nothing in the past is worth addressing because it’s in the past and nothing in the future is worth addressing because he’s focused on now.

    And if he didn’t want people poking around in his business he shouldn’t have chosen to make a career in the entertainment industry – one where he produces no product but gets paid only because people will paying money to watch him perform. If he isn’t performing, he should expect people to ask why.

  19. My guess – this break was part of an agreement Brady made with his wife and family. I don’t think Giselle was happy that he’s playing this season. But frankly, it’s no one’s business. He doesn’t need to be there. The Bucs don’t care. This is a non-story.

  20. Personally, he has earned the right to dictate terms. However, this is a Team sport and if I were in the locker room it would not be cool. My guess and I have reasons is that he has a planned Vacation and is then moving into to his recently completed home on Indian Creek Island -Miami from the rented one in Tampa. If his employer is fine with; we should be too.

  21. Gronk having his retirement party in a couple of weeks.

    Poor fan club. They actually think he’s coming back because they love Tommy so much 😍

    The same fan club who thinks Brady is Goat.


  22. Think so, just wait as the season goes along. This will be nothing, because of what is going to happen this season. I hope I am wrong, but there is way to many things not like it was in Tampa Bay.

  23. This is 100% N O T a worthy story – – Bucs approved of it, fans trust Tom to arrive back in great shape, and most of us with a LIFE think the media has NO real need or right to ask any more questions about his personal time way from practices.

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