Mike Vrabel: Malik Willis needs to be more decisive

NFL: AUG 11 Preseason - Titans at Ravens
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Titans rookie quarterback Malik Willis played his first game for the team on Thursday night and head coach Mike Vrabel’s review of the third-round pick’s performance could be boiled down to three words.

After the Titans lost to the Ravens, Vrabel said in a press conference that Willis needs to let it rip more often. Willis was 6-of-11 for 107 yards and Vrabel said in a postgame press conference that he felt the quarterback was too hesitant when it came to pulling the trigger on passes.

“He needs to try to throw the ball when guys are open, be more decisive,” Vrabel said. “We’ll evaluate that, see if there’s a timing issue or what’s going on. Wanted to get him out there, see how he responds. There were some good plays and obviously some plays we’re gonna have to look at the timing on the release and if we’re making the right decisions.”

Vrabel said Willis’ hesitancy led him to make a quarterback change earlier than expected in the third quarter. The rookie ran five times for 38 yards and a touchdown, but said after the game that he “can’t continue to rely” on making plays with his legs rather than his arm. He’ll get another chance to run the offense against the Buccaneers on August 20.

7 responses to “Mike Vrabel: Malik Willis needs to be more decisive

  1. We’ve seen this story play out with other athletic QBs who weren’t cerebral enough. (Looking at you Tebow)

  2. Maybe he’ll line up behind the guard and have an HOF career like John Elway did. Not the first rookie, at the most difficult position in team sports, having a rough outing.

  3. Don’t worry Malik. It’s just a meaningless preseason game that will have no effect on your career. At least that is what everyone hating on the Ravens streak thinks. SMH

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