Trevor Penning: I’m not going to take away the physical part of my game

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Saints rookie tackle Trevor Penning made an ornery mark on early training camp practices by fighting with teammates often enough that the team kicked him out of one of the sessions.

Penning said he’s heard from coaches about where he needs to draw the line, but that he’s not going to change the playing style that made him a first-round pick earlier this year. Penning said that there’s “nothing’s nice about football” and that he doesn’t plan to be any less physical on the field.

“You’ve just got to play smart,” Penning said Thursday. “Play physical, play my game, but be smart. I think, personally, I went to the whistle, I played my game and we’re competing. Football is physical, it’s tough. There’s maybe a couple that were like, ‘OK, I gotta maybe chill.’ Coaches said that. They were like, ‘You can’t do that.’ I’m like, ‘OK.’ Then you learn from it, and you get better from it but I’m not going to take away the physical part of my game. I’m going to be smart with it.”

Penning will get his first chance to block someone from another team against the Texans on Saturday and the Saints will be hoping to see all the physicality without anything that leads to a penalty flag.

8 responses to “Trevor Penning: I’m not going to take away the physical part of my game

  1. He says he gets it, where to draw the line. Now to see if he can do it. Actions will speak much louder than words.

  2. He plays OL. what do you expect? NOBODY ever starts playing football with the hope of being an OL man. But as it becomes apparent you don’t have the talent and physical skills you realize that if you want to play football you have to be an OL man. Take out your frustration on the other team, not your teammates in practice. Have a little control.

  3. Sounds like a kid who knows who he is and what the game that he plays requires. When I see clips of the offensive linemen at the NFL Combine, I am always impressed by the athleticism of these gigantic young men. Here’s hoping that he finds the fine line quickly, and becomes an excellent player -Go Trevor Penning, Go Panthers, Go Saints!!!

  4. Sounds like he’s gonna be a STAR! Can’t wait to see this guy take things to a new level

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