Antonio Brown: “Tell Jerry Jones to call me”

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Receiver Antonio Brown likely is finished with football. Or, perhaps more accurately, football likely is finished with Antonio Brown.

Brown seemed to acknowledge he won’t be playing again with his recent (and bizarre) “Jesus at Red Rocks” social-media post, in which he said his only regret is not being able to watch himself play.

But when he was told by a roving reporter that people want him to come back to football, Brown said, “Tell Jerry Jones to call me.”



Maybe not. Brown already has said, repeatedly, that he needs ankle surgery. He also has said he won’t get it until a team signs him. No one will be signing him in the middle of August so that he can get surgery and rehab it and then eventually be ready to play.

Then there’s the fact that, in recent years, he’s become more trouble than he’s worth. And it’s shame. Because he surely can still play, can still help a team win.

At this point, it would be a shock if that happens. A shock even bigger than showing up at Red Rocks next Friday night for the Pitbull gig and having Jesus saunter onto the stage with a tambourine.

36 responses to “Antonio Brown: “Tell Jerry Jones to call me”

  1. If he hadn’t lost his mind and had stayed in Pittsburgh, it would have been Rice, Fitzgerald and him at the top of the WR pyramid. Sad…

  2. How talented and crazy is this dude? Much respect to Tomlin for handling this guy

  3. Interesting how a guy who can actually play but has shown a tremendous penchant for distractions is so easily seen as done but somehow you keep trying to get Kaepernick, a guy who can’t play, yet also provides a different type of distraction to his team, back in the game.

  4. AB has been hit in the head too many times. Old, mentally unstable, injured, delusional.

  5. The fact that a team would rather give work to Josh Gordon than him should be very salient to AB.

  6. Sad thing is the dude can still play at a high level. The Cowboys could use him with all the injuries they have had.

  7. I remember when AB told LeBron James (on that HBO show) a couple years ago that he didn’t have an ego. Flmao.

  8. Thats funny, Americans really do like to paint Jesus as that hippy tambourine player in a 10 person jam band…

  9. Of Tomlin were to retire today, he could automatically have a job as a mental health therapist after the way he handled A.B.

  10. We all laugh, but this is sad to see. He obviously needs help, and either isn’t getting it or is refusing it. I am hopeful that the NFLPA and former teammates keep offering it to him, because you worry that this could all end very badly…

  11. You are seriously going to have columns about comments by a 30+ year old with the mindset of a 5th grader?

  12. PLEASE sign him Jerry! The ensuing spectacle will be funnier than anything Hollywood’s turned out in 25 years!

  13. Maybe they should put him on stage and give the entire crowd red rocks….go away already

  14. Antonio Brown may seem to be peaceful and dormant until another event triggers a large outburst of a sense of being detached from himself and his emotions so why would another team want to take that responsibility on! As Forrest Gump said “Stupid is as stupid does”, meaning that a person should be judged by his actions, not his appearance.

  15. troy43mvp says:
    August 13, 2022 at 10:38 am
    Of Tomlin were to retire today, he could automatically have a job as a mental health therapist after the way he handled A.B


    Is that true or did Tomlin create AB?

  16. Sorry A.B.. I have dibs. I asked Jerrah to call me months ago, so after he calls me, he’ll call you.

  17. AB was always weird. Vontaze Burfict slamming AB’s brain into his skull did not help. If anything Tomlin extended AB’s time in Pittsburgh by being so good with weirdos.

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