Baker Mayfield to start for Panthers Saturday

Carolina Panthers Training Camp
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Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said this week that quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold will both play in Saturday’s preseason opener against the Commanders, but he didn’t specify which quarterback would be starting the game.

That answer came on Saturday morning. The team announced that Mayfield will start and the plan is for him to play the first series of the game. Darnold would then come in for the second series before the team moves on to rookie Matt Corral and P.J. Walker for the rest of the contest.

The two quarterbacks have switched off working with the first team during training camp practices and the competition is expected to remain open through at least their second preseason game. The Panthers will also have joint practices with the Patriots before next week’s game, so there will be extra chances to evaluate the quarterbacks against opposing defenses.

The Panthers also announced that defensive tackle Derrick Brown will miss Saturday’s game for personal reasons.

17 responses to “Baker Mayfield to start for Panthers Saturday

  1. I could careless of who starts, because we all know Darnold is gone. What I am really looking forward to is to see the rookie.

  2. Rhule is slowly admitting what everyone knows that regardless of what you think of Baker he is still obviously better than Darnold. Are they playing a game hoping they can create trade value for Darnold by saying he might be the starter? Are they seeing something everyone covering the team is not? Ask any beat reporter for Panthers and they will tell you who has earned the job in camp. Baker and its not close

  3. I anticipated this. My guess is that Sam Darnold will start next week against an old nemesis, the Patriots. The mic’d up “I’m seeing ghosts”, and then last season’s game where his throwing shoulder was injured in a game he shouldn’t have played given concussion concerns from a previous week, will make this preseason’s game 2 start a real test of his worthiness to be QB1. Pulling for him to play well today, but also pulling for Carson Wentz and my beloved Washington to prevail.

  4. The Steelers are the only one with the real QB battle. Id bet my life that Baker will be the starter.

  5. Baker will light it up. I can’t believe how some people have questioned whether he or Darnold should start?

    When Darnold can beat a divisional rival in their house after a years losing streak, put up 48 points and have it be in a wild card playoff game? Oh, and Darnold would also have to come within 5 points of beating a very good Chiefs team in a divisional playoff game.

    Then, maybe there’s something I’m missing?

  6. GO BAKER GO ! We still LOVE YOU: signed Cleveland Fans. You will always be one of us.

  7. Baker has to be the starter. They can only be doing this for trade value for Darnold. At least we all hope so.

  8. Baker will be the starter this season. Darnold is a college QB and not cut out for the NFL.

  9. This really is a no brainer Baker is way better than Darnold at this point. He will be the starter for the season. Jets need a QB I hear

  10. I miss Baker and the excitement he brought to Cleveland. Thanks Browns management for destroying the positive vibes!

  11. Correction 4 for 7 for 45 yards lol. Soooo impressive. Kenny Pickett as a rookie is 100x better than Mayfield

  12. Only Browns fans could be excited by 3 out of 4 losing season. Most ignorant fan base in the history of Civilization. No one hypes up scrubs like Browns fans

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