John Harbaugh “very confident” Lamar Jackson’s deal “will get done when it gets done”

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Lamar Jackson made clear Saturday that he will cut off negotiations with the Ravens on a long-term deal once Week 1 arrives. That is 22 days from today. So will they or won’t they?

It’s unknown how negotiations are going with the quarterback representing himself in talks, and he declined to provide an update.

“Lamar is doing a great job. He’s practicing every day,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “The business part of it is the business part of it. I’m very confident that it will get done when it gets done. You can’t really rush it. I don’t think either side wants to rush anything. Both sides want to be happy when it’s all said and done, and probably both sides unhappy when it’s all said and done, to some degree, right? That’s kind of how it works. He’s doing a great job. He’s practicing well. He’s a great leader. On the sideline, he’s right into the game. So, everything, thumbs up.”

Jackson, 25, has a 37-12 record as a starter, a 2019 league MVP award, 84 touchdown passes, 31 interceptions, 9,967 passing yards, 3,673 rushing yards and 21 rushing touchdowns in his four seasons.

He is scheduled to make $23 million this season on his fifth-year option.

13 responses to “John Harbaugh “very confident” Lamar Jackson’s deal “will get done when it gets done”

  1. It’s Going to be HILARIOUS when a guy with no agent Inks the most lucrative deal in NFL HISTORY!!!

  2. He’s confident the deal will get done when it gets done…what a hot take harbaugh: lol. that’s like when someone says after finding something, it was in the last place i looked.

  3. One play way from being out of the league.I think Jackson’s lack of a long term deal will be an example used by agents on why you should have an agent.

  4. I wouldnt pay Lamar. Some team will because there are some teams that cant find even a half way decent QB but until he proves that he can consistently throw from the pocket you cant pay him top dollar to be a running back. And lets take that out of the equation. Since his MVP year when the league wasnt ready for Lamars running ability in 2019 his production has declined each of the last two years. Thats why hes playing without a new contract and he knows it. You got to earn it before you get it.

  5. Make him play out his conteact and don’t let him push you in this way.
    He just wants to be the King of the hill in contracts – don’t give it to him.

  6. Lame. Mr. Regular Season. Post season he has won the same number of games as Kirk Cousins.

  7. Miami won’t want. They have WR’s that need a QB that can complete a pass within the offense not after the play has broken down and Lamar is scrambling like he does now.

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