Justin Reid makes an extra point in preseason

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Chiefs safety Justin Reid recently made a 65-yard field goal in practice. On Saturday, he converted a kick in a game.

After a touchdown late in the second quarter of the preseason opener in Chicago, Reid trotted out for the extra point. And he nailed it without a problem.

It’s a little exhibition fun, but it’s also an important test in the event that the Chiefs need Reid to make a kick at some point.

He has served as Houston’s emergency kickoff specialist in the past. Last year, he kicked off three times in a preseason game. On one of the kicks, he also made the tackle.

6 responses to “Justin Reid makes an extra point in preseason

  1. I always hoped chad Johnson would give place kicking a try after his receiving career ended. Would be entertaining and he could have been damn good at it had he devoted his time to kicking

  2. Reminds me of a long time starting quarterback and kicker, George Blanda. Also will not forget a player who was not a starter but could step in at almost any position – Guido Merkins who played for the saints and oilers.

  3. cliverush68 says:
    August 13, 2022 at 3:27 pm
    Jan was great. How was he from 65 yards?


    Not great…

  4. Awesome! I make lots of extra points on my way to bed each night. My wife and kids are unimpressed.

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