Kevin Stefanski: Browns are getting Jacoby Brissett ready for Week One

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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There’s lingering uncertainty as to the number of games Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson will miss. There’s currently no uncertainty as to whether Watson will miss the first six of the year.

Despite some chatter last weekend as to whether the NFL Players Association can pull a legal rabbit out of the hat and get Watson on the field for the first game of the regular season, that’s a dead issue. The union didn’t appeal the six-game suspension, so the six-game suspension will be served.

The Browns have essentially conceded that. After the preseason opener, coach Kevin Stefanski acknowledged that Jacoby Brissett will start when the games that count begin.

“Jacoby [is] starting Week One,” Stefanski told reporters. “That’s how we’re operating. We’ll get him work in game three [of the preseason]. But felt like it was the right thing to get Deshaun in game one.”

Stefanski also said that Brissett will get more work this week in practice. And for good reason. Four weeks from tomorrow, the Browns play the Panthers in Carolina, and they’ll likely be seeing former Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield on the other side of the ball.

2 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: Browns are getting Jacoby Brissett ready for Week One

  1. Question for Simms: who is better straight up: Baker, Jimmy, or Jacoby?
    Assuming the Browns get Jimmy, who is better: Baker and three first round picks, or Jimmy?
    Man, the Browns royally screwed this thing up. I think the Hershel Walker trade has finally been surpassed as stupidest trade in sports history.

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