Kyler Murray called plays during Friday’s preseason game

Arizona Cardinals v Cincinnati Bengals
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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is unlikely to play much — if at all — in the preseason.

But the signal-caller is still staying involved on the sidelines.

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury had Murray call some plays toward the end of Friday’s matchup with Cincinnati. In his postgame press conference, Kingsbury said Murray got in about six plays.

“I think we went three-and-out on both of them. So, less than I anticipated,” Kingsbury said with a laugh. “No, he called a couple really nice plays, it just didn’t work out. Had some guys open.”

Kingsbury said Murray had a “wide open” call sheet to work from. The only parameters were that if the Cardinals got the ball back late, they had to kneel out the game instead of running some more pass plays.

“That wasn’t going to happen,” Kingsbury said.

But Kingsbury seems pleased with what Murray’s done as a play-caller in practice and now in preseason action.

“He does a good job with it,” Kingsbury said. “I’ve been impressed.”

12 responses to “Kyler Murray called plays during Friday’s preseason game

  1. I think this is a fantastic thing to do to help develop a QB game understanding and empathy as well as help the coaches learn more of his thought process.

    More teams should do this if they have a QB capable.

  2. Murray’s also going to implement the game plan each week,be an assistant special teams coach, and scout for the 2023 draft.

  3. Look at the Cardinals….setting the trend for the future.
    If this is successful, we can expect other teams to experiment with their QB’s calling plays.

  4. Hey commenters, Kyler Murray is better, more accomplished, and richer than any of us.

    Now back to bashing him online…

  5. Murray can’t be any worse at playcalling than Kingsbury. The Cards should send Watson and the Browns a Christmas card for taking the pressure off the Arizona trainwreck.

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