Matt Rhule: Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold were both in command

Carolina Panthers v Washington Commanders
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The first game action of the Panthers’ quarterback competition is in the books and head coach Matt Rhule said he liked what he saw from both of the participants.

Baker Mayfield started the game and went 4-of-7 for 45 yards while leading the team to a field goal to open the game. Sam Darnold checked in after the defense forced a fumble and threw a touchdown pass to Rashard Higgins. He remained in the game for another series and went 2-of-3 for 16 yards overall.

“I have to really watch the tape to see exactly what they did, but I thought they were both in command. They made the right checks, so I was pleased,” Rhule said in his postgame press conference.

Rhule did not say if the team will be starting Mayfield again when they face the Patriots next week.

“No, that was for today, that was just for today,” Rhule said. “So we’ll go back and look at this tape. Obviously, Sam got us in the end zone. Baker led us down the field. Looked like both guys played well in terms of production. We’ll go back and look and see where they are. That was just for today.”

Rhule said at training camp that the earliest he would name a starter for the regular season is after the game against New England and it doesn’t look like that timeline is changing.

13 responses to “Matt Rhule: Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold were both in command

  1. A field goal by one and a blind shot to the end zone off the 20 yard line turnover by Gibson, for a lucky 1 out 10 touch down pass as the other was being sacked , is considered in command. Nice play in words to take a dig, but P.J. Walker did the most damage running and throwing for the Panthers. Wentz drove the field efficiently, Heinikie turned it over near the red zone and Sam Howell balled out for Washington, two third string mistakes on defense by the Commanders put the Panthers in position to kick the field goal for the preseason win. Great showing by some but Mayfield and Darnold did not command much of anything.

  2. imagine this dude above pretending the 4th string qb option looked good against anyhthing but 4th stringers… what a joke

  3. Sam Howell looked great against the third stringers, which is more than can be said for Matt Corral, who looked as if he had never picked up a football before yesterday.

  4. Against the putrid Washington defense, the Carolina Paper Tigers weren’t all that good.

  5. Don’t know why HC’s have to make it complicated.Just start the other guy next game reversing roles. No big decision here until game three. By then you need to have a one and two in place.not now.

  6. I felt Baker Mayfield looked good and had a strong command, he had a bit of “new teammate” issues, but besides that, he drove on Washington’s defense (though that’s sadly easy). Sam Darnold to me had one easy drive and one drive where he played like himself, so Baker wins the day for me.

    As for Washington, Wentz seems to be doing ok, Gibson STILL has a fumble issue and needs to be benched for Robinson. Howell should backup Wentz, Heinicke should be the 3rd string

  7. well… looks like we let baker play till they are inside the twenty five, then sam takes over.

  8. Baker converted 3/4 3rd down attempts-that is what franchise QBs do
    Darnold TD pass was nice, but his second drive was typical 3 and out.
    The TD came when the D got a turnover giving him the ball just outside the redzone so you better get a TD in that situation

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