NFLPA president JC Tretter on Soldier Field surface: “NFL can and should do better”


The grass at Soldier Field was looking rough today, thanks in part to a recent Elton John concert. NFL Players Association president JC Tretter noticed the condition of the sod, and he had something to say.

“The NFL said that this field met minimum testing standards,” Tretter tweeted. “We clearly need to reevaluate what is an acceptable surface for players to compete on. We need new testing metrics looking at the performance and safety of every field. The NFL can and should do better.”

Indeed it should. Far too often, pro football fields look like something less than they should be. It’s a stunning degree of carelessness by owners who, even if they refuse to regard their players as human beings, should want to protect their investments.

Yes, the Bears don’t own Soldier Field. That’s still no excuse. If the team makes the quality of the playing field the priority it should be, the entity that owns the facility will, too.

7 responses to “NFLPA president JC Tretter on Soldier Field surface: “NFL can and should do better”

  1. You can’t be a multi-billion dollar industry and have fields worse than a lot of high schools. NFL needs to actually shape up and not just pretend like usual.

  2. You need to threaten to risk not hosting a soccer world cup game, for these guys to be forced to use pro standard fields.. Kind of like FIFA.

    I’m sure would attract a lot more free agents too for the first teams that do this

  3. This is one of the main reasons I hope they move to Arlington Heights, they can better control the field use. I’ve always said that it’s in bad shape because they play soccer there and high school football and who knows what else but other stadiums in other cities do the same and those fields don’t seem to be as bad. Seems to me the only way they can have a quality surface is to have 2 different fields they can move in and out. One for the Bears and one for everyone else. They do something similar in Phoenix, moving the field in and out because it’s indoors but I don’t think they have 2 surfaces. The only time Soldier Field had a fairly consistent surface was when it was artificial turf and as I recall, there were problems with the seams. Still not sure if the injury rate is higher there than in any other stadium but there are plenty of complaints.

  4. It’s a stunning degree of carelessness by owners who, even if they refuse to regard their players as human beings
    Well, to be fair, most of their players refuse to regard women (and sometimes children) as human beings so they don’t really deserve it. But of course we are supposed to look the other way on all the awfulness these guys do because they had a rough bringing up, right?

  5. I agree the field is terrible but it didn’t adversely affect the game. The fault lies somewhere between the bears and the stadium owners. i have no great love for the nfl but were they supposed to cancel the game and refund all the fans?

    For tretter to try to take shots at the nfl for them saying it was playable is laughable. It certainly wasn’t unplayable but just poor and frankly nothing to do with them. The NFLPA just had their pants pulled down on the CBA and then back the wrong horse with watson through it’s new regulations, everyone now knows this and sees through your attempted point scoring attempt.

  6. the pitch today just looked dry and barren. it was not like the one at metlife stadium last year which was wet and that had not bedded into the base. that one ended about 5 players players seasons over three weeks and was really dangerous

  7. Soldier Field in Chicago is very odd looking and now obviously just worthless and useless and very dangerous for those using it. One can easily come to the conclusion that the mayor of Chicago is in charge of it.

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