Friday night’s profane chant is just a glimpse of what Deshaun Watson will hear during road games

Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Browns opened the preseason with their only road game of August 2022. And the fans in Jacksonville let quarterback Deshaun Watson hear it.

The three-word chant included a four-letter word, and the video went viral, with 3.3 million views so far. And if that’s the product of a preseason game in Jacksonville, what happens during the regular season in, say, Pittsburgh?

If his suspension remains at six games (it most likely won’t), Watson will make his debut in Baltimore. In Week 11 (game No. 10), it’s Buffalo. Week 14, at Cincinnati. Week 18 . . . at Pittsburgh.

Fans will always do what fans will do. And fans will pounce on anything they can use to rattle or unsettle the players on the other team. With Watson, the fruit is as ripe and low-hanging as it can be.

Regardless of when he returns to action, he’ll be hearing it whenever he plays on the road. And there’s no statute of limitation on fans behaving like fans. Right or wrong (and in many situations it’s wrong), that’s what some of them will do, and Watson will have to be ready for it.

22 responses to “Friday night’s profane chant is just a glimpse of what Deshaun Watson will hear during road games

  1. Big applause to the fans in Jacsonville, finally someone in public let known their feelings toward Watson. Big question did the league office get the message.

  2. I wish I was rich enough to enjoy happy endings from hot message therapists. I highly doubt it bothered Watson at all. Id laugh at it.

  3. Mr Watson should accept the year suspension happily. Fans in baseball were raging, ready to pounce on the cheating Astros but luckily for them the pandemic arrived and not only took most games away but kept all fans away. Trust me they loved that. But as you can see they’re STILL hearing from fans and all they did was rap on a garbage can. As far as football fans go, the road game fans giving it to Watson, I’m not so sure he will get a pass at The Dawg Pound either.

  4. Jacksonville fans are lightweights when it comes to this stuff, wait until he gets to Buffalo.

  5. Watson was born to be a man of action. His instinct is always to do something energetic.

  6. Hopefully a more intelligent chant that doesn’t include profanity. People do take their kids to the game.

  7. Watson is a narcissist amongst other things so doubtful the chants affected him. Outrageous the NFL allows this side show to continue, suspend this character indefinitely unpaid until certain criteria are met and no more allegations come forward.

  8. Ravens fans chanted “No means no” at Big Ben. Wonder what they have in store for Watson.

  9. They should let the creep play this year and face all the scorn and hostility then suspend him for next year when it will really cost him.

  10. There will be Boos in CLeveland too. Until he throws touchdowns. Then there will be cheers. That’s America. 2nd chances only apply if you’re winning. With Schwartz continuing to drop passes, he may not even know who the boos are directed to anyways.

  11. The fans are correct to call him sick. I’m not a licensed dr, but this whole thing must have sexual deviancy at the core. Let’s hope he gets help and the Browns stop enabling him so there are no more victims.

  12. I can’t believe fans still use profanity.
    I stopped cursing when I was 6 years old. It was just causing too much stress, and my parents were tired of being embarrassed on a regular basis.
    Anyway, Jacksonville has always been known for being one of the classiest places in America. I’m sure they didn’t mean it.

  13. The Browns signed Watson to a humongous contract with unprecedented guarantees with their eyes wide open. If fans don’t like Watson playing, they should be booing Andrew Berry and owner Jimmy Haslam. They are the reason he is on the field.

  14. dx2nc says:
    August 14, 2022 at 10:55 am
    Hopefully a more intelligent chant that doesn’t include profanity. People do take their kids to the game.

    ——————————————————————————————————— Trust me when I tell you that kids have heard that word before. Think of it as a teaching moment. Hey little Johnny, don’t act like DeShaun or people will chant this at you.

  15. People who curse show their level of education. Spoiler alert: It’s 4th grade level. You don’t sound cool saying it and you’re the reason I can’t take my kids to a football game to enjoy it. Don’t proclaim you’re an advocate for women’s rights while calling players female anatomy. It’s uneducated and hypocritical.

  16. Better get used to it, deshaun. You’ll have plenty more of that in your future, as it’s well deserved.

  17. There are few ans more loyal than fans of the Cleveland Browns. Yet they continue to be dumped on by their incompotent owner. First I have to thank the Browns for signing the guy otherwise Stephen Ross would have. I know prime seats are hard to come by otherwise there would be a flood of season tickets and skybox cancellations. The damage that this trade has caused will set back the Browns for years.

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