Mike McCarthy on Cowboys’ 17 penalties: Clearly way too much


It apparently doesn’t matter whether the Cowboys’ first team, second team or third team is on the field, they are going to commit penalties. Way too many penalties.

The Cowboys led the league with 153 last season, 11 more than any other team, with 127 of those accepted, according to NFLpenalties.com. Dallas continued that trend in the wild-card loss to the 49ers with another 14 flags.

Coach Mike McCarthy said this offseason that cleaning up the penalties was a goal for this season.

It hasn’t happened yet.

In Saturday’s preseason game against the Broncos, the Cowboys had 17 penalties for 129 yards, the most penalties for any team in the first week of the preseason. The league average was 6.6 penalties this week, according to David Helman of Fox Sports.

“The penalties are clearly way too much,” McCarthy said, via a transcript from the team. “We’ll look at those and keep going through it as far as combative versus disciplined. That’s clearly the biggest negative (from the game).”

McCarthy, though, doesn’t think the penalties in Saturday night’s preseason game have anything to do with the penalty problems the team had in 2021.

“I think we all recognize that this isn’t the regular season,” McCarthy said. “I understand your question, (but) last year was last year. I think last year as far as trying to establish a play style and an identity, it took us a while to get that, and once we did, we won a number of games. This is really the starting point that you go through every year.

“This is preseason. I don’t think this has anything to do with last year. But I didn’t like the number of penalties. I made it clear. I talked about it at halftime, and I talked about it briefly in there (the locker room). We’ll take a long look at it.”

15 responses to “Mike McCarthy on Cowboys’ 17 penalties: Clearly way too much

  1. McCarthy is not a good coach, let’s get that out of the way but he’s not the person who overpaid Zeke or left the offensive line and wide receiving room in shambles. Cowboys had these exact same problems with Garrett, Wade Phillips, etc. Basically every coach they had in the last 20 years not named Parcells, who was driven out of town by Jerrah.

    Sean Payton isn’t going to come in there and fix these roster flaws. Jerrah stepping down and hiring a legitimate GM will.

  2. I would welcome Cowboys fans to do some online research about McCarthy and penalties when he coached Green Bay. He had some of the sloppiest teams in the league. He would repeatedly say, ‘we’ve got to clean this up’, then they’d be just as bad the next game.

    Here’s what you will have with McCarthy: a good offense that makes bonehead errors at times.
    A defense that is just average and is prone to getting beat deep. Lots of penalties. Poor clock management in tight situations.

    Mike is a good guy but it’s like he has a flawed pattern in his head about how things should run and while they will have some success, don’t expect the Super Bowl. McCarthy’s one Super Bowl is when Aaron Rodgers was peaking and Ted Thompson put together a couple of good drafts that put a lot of talent together. That talent overcame the flaws and they won. But that was it.

  3. the same issues McCathy had in GB rear their ugly head in Big D. This guy would have been relegated to a special teams coach years ago if it wasnt his luck of the draw getting two back to back HOF QB’s

  4. Back in the day, a Bear Bryant, George Halas, or Vince Lombardi would have threatened to not give them water breaks during practices. You notice that those teams never had any penalties.
    Players today are too coddled. Too much water at practice.

  5. The star on the helmet is a rating, not a logo.
    Wonder if McCarthy will make it through the season.

  6. Could McCarthy be the first head coach fired in preseason??
    Cowboys are a lousy franchise.

  7. We would take MacArthur back in a second here in wisconson. Underapprecaited super bowl winning coach! Rogers owes him for all the money he has made

  8. The Cowboys are undisciplined and it starts at the top. They have one of the league’s worst GMs and also one of the league’s worst HCs.

  9. Dallas should have canned McCarthy after last season. He’s not a good coach. He rode Rodgers coattails in Green Bay. He’s a good hand puppet for Jerry though.

  10. Saw Dallas in Denver and McCarthy has the weapons. NFC East is wide open and the season doesnt open and close in week 1. Gotta give Jones credit for loving his team, but this year the Boys should win at least 10…

  11. This isnt ground breaking news the coach isn’t a good coach. 1 Super Bowl w/ Rodgers and sloppy penalties are his thing.

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