Jimmy Garoppolo reportedly ignored coaches after getting his big contract in 2018

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As the 49ers continue to wait for a trade opportunity to surface for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, a recent report will make it even harder for a team to justify rolling the dice on Garoppolo, with or without an injury to its current starting quarterback.

A recent report seriously questions the extent of Jimmy Garoppolo’s commitment to the cause during the quiet times of the offseason.

An unnamed member of the team’s coaching staff in 2018 told Mike Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle this about Garoppolo, via Peter King’s Football Morning in America: “Once he left that press conference [announcing his new contract] nobody heard from him for weeks and weeks. He didn’t return calls, he didn’t return texts — he basically just vanished. And we were looking at each other going, ‘What just happened?'”

The report from Silver notes that Garoppolo ghosting the 49ers became a regular thing during the ensuing offseasons.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement contains specific rules restricting football meetings and other activities prior to the launch of the offseason program. Surely, however, players (like highly-paid quarterbacks) welcome the intrusion on their quiet time because, for them, most coaches and executives would expect that they have no quiet time. Garoppolo, by all appearances, simply took full advantage of the fact that the 2011 CBA gave players much more of an offseason than they ever before had.

Still, coaches want franchise quarterbacks to be all about the franchise, all the time. It will definitely give someone pause, especially when it comes to making a significant investment of cash and/or trade compensation for Garoppolo.

It all points to an inevitable release of Garoppolo, baring the kind of unexpected development that has yet to transpire. A starting quarterback could still be lost of the season between now and August 30, when rosters reduce to 53. King addresses the question of whether the 49ers would continue to carry Garoppolo on the roster after the cut to 53, and even addresses the possibility that the 49ers would retain Garoppolo beyond 4:00 p.m. ET on September 10, necessarily guaranteeing his 2022 salary of $24.2 million.

Maybe the 49ers and Garoppolo will have a wink-nod understanding that, while they’ll give him weekly game checks in the amount of $1.34 million, he won’t seek the balance of the salary if they cut him before the season ends. If, however, Garoppolo wasn’t willing to honor the wink-nod understanding about the commitment that franchise quarterbacks should make, why would he honor an unenforceable promise to not take every penny that he’s owed if he’s on the roster when the season begins?

In 15 days, we’ll find out whether the 49ers are sufficiently committed to give up a 53-man roster spot for a guy they no longer want on the team. Eleven days after that, we’ll find out whether they’d actually pay him to keep him from waving farewell to San Francisco and saying hello to Seattle.

31 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo reportedly ignored coaches after getting his big contract in 2018

  1. Sounds like a hit piece coming from one of the coaches who is jealous of Jimmy G, and the fact that without him, that coach has probably yet to win anything at the NFL level.

    Also, if this was such a big issue, how come it took over 4 years after the fact for us to hear about it?

  2. sounds like way too late justification for jerking this guy around for the last nine months. i would have thought better of lynch and shanahan. hope it blows up in their faces.

  3. We’re bringing up old stuff and chastising him for following the rules? This seems like a hit job

  4. Sounds like some serious sour grapes. It would be interesting to know if this alleged former member of the staff is still in coaching.

  5. As Tom Brady takes a few weeks off in the middle of camp. Nothing story. He played well enough to go far in the playoffs last year

  6. odd timing. This is the kind of thing the team releases after a trade, not trying to lower his trade value before the trade. Although, i guess you can make the argument he has no trade value so why not?

    The Eagles were in a similar situation years ago when they drafted Carson Wentz. They were stuck with Sam Bradford until Teddy Bridgewater had that gruesome knee injury and then all of a sudden the Eagles had a first round pick instead of Bradford.

  7. I am not a Garoppolo fan BUT I am disgusted by the 49ers treatment of Garoppolo these last what two seasons?

    The 49ers made the decision to trade for Garoppolo after he had what SIX QUARTERS of starting play in New England. The start of this relationship caused the national media to declare Belichick torpedoed the Patriots future out of spite. The 49ers go to the Super Bowl where the loss is blamed almost entirely on Garoppolo…maybe coaching had something to do with loss? Nah…Shanahan did such an incredible job leading the Falcons offense in Super Bowl LI…oh wait..

    This buyers remorse that the 49ers have is simply disgusting.

  8. “How do we make Jimmy G more tradeable?”

    “Let’s bad mouth him in the media, that’ll help!”


  9. So Jimmy G lead the team to the super bowl & 2 NFC title games without listening to coaching? This story doesn’t make sense. It tries to imply Jimmy G is a problem but his record says the opposite. I thought he was awful against the Packers in last year’s playoff win but he continues to win games.

  10. Maybe if he talked to them more in the off-season, he would have hit that throw late in the Super Bowl, lol. Seriously though, doesn’t this prove that the company man image coaches have successfully brainwashed the public with is more of a myth than anything? The two healthy seasons he had in SF, he led them to one quarter of a Super Bowl and the NFC championship game. Meanwhile, more of the reason he doesn’t have a ring has to do with his playcaller just like one of the buttoned up, he does everything right guys in Matt Ryan that Shanahan blew a fourth quarter Super Bowl lead for too with his playcalling.

  11. Haven’t heard of a player getting a big head after signing a big deal. When did this start?

  12. SF just classless. Shanahan still can’t admit he stopped running the ball again in a SB and can’t be held accountable for it.

    He’s lost 2 SBs over the same arrogant issue.

  13. If he followed the CBA then this is a none story, don’t bother me on vacation either.

  14. The Browns clearly own the “How To Mishandle Your Starting QB Situation” department, but the 49’ers are not far behind.

  15. Looks like this story benefits Jimmy G the most. Reduces the likelihood he will end up traded somewhere he doesn’t want to go and increases the likelihood he is simply released and go where he pleases (Seattle) or to prevent that, in desperation SF keeps him and pays the $24m. Jimmy G has always been at his best when not playing.

  16. I would have no Trepidation about obtaining a franchise QB who gets away from football and vanished during the off season during the CBA designated no contact period. The off season recharging period is important. If a player doesn’t do crazy, health detrimental or otherwise activity, I’m good with that.

    JimmyG isn’t an off season problem. This specific badmouthing is nonsense.

  17. All he does is win games why are the 49er’s acting like that never happened, The entire coaching staff is to blame for the game plan and coaching for those losses they had.

  18. Smells like a smear campaign by a former coach who wants to get him on his team (cough, cough, Jets, cough, cough) to make up for an injury to their gadget QB or, even more likely, to fill in seamlessly for their soon-to-be-suspended-for-the-season QB.

  19. stuvian says:
    August 15, 2022 at 1:49 pm

    2018 is a century ago in NFL years
    Plus since 2018, Jimmy G played in a super bowl & 2 NFC championship games for the 49ers. So this story looks really stupid.

  20. If you’re going to throw out that kind of stuff be a man and put your name on it. There are lies, damned lies and anonymous sources to paraphrase the old saying.

  21. -Hey John.
    -Yea Kyle.
    -We’ve really messed up our QB situation. Lets put out some bogus smear campaign about JG to try to unify our fanbase. We can say it was from a coach from 2018 and no one would be the wiser.
    -Great idea Kyle.

  22. Jimmy is not alone after signing his contract. Apparently Deebo is doing the same thing because looking Shanahan in the eye and playing for this guy creates a vomit reflex..

  23. Do you know why Jimmy didn’t get a playbook? Because he can only do the plays on the first page of Trey’s playbook bros.

  24. Gold Blooded says:
    August 15, 2022 at 1:44 pm
    Smells like a smear campaign by a former coach who wants to get him on his team (cough, cough, Jets, cough, cough) to make up for an injury to their gadget QB or, even more likely, to fill in seamlessly for their soon-to-be-suspended-for-the-season QB.

    I was just gonna say this leak is SO from someone probably outside of the organization who wants to keep other teams away from JG and the the price to acquire him stays low. I think your guess is a very good one.

  25. It’s ironic, I’ll see a hundred commenters bash Aaron Rodgers for not showing up to a meaningless mini-camp, but on something like this the fan/commenters seem to want to give Jimmy G the pass. Why? I love how many commenters want to blame this on “hit piece” from the 49ers, instead of considering where there’s “smoke there’s usually fire.” NFL people know a lot about a lot of players. Many coaches and teams and organizations talk, don’t kid yourself. With Garopalo’s track record there should be 5-6 teams lined up to sign him as a starter or a back-up, but they don’t seem to be. To me this means his laziness is a known quality.

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