Report: Dawson Deaton tore his ACL in Monday’s practice

Cleveland Browns Madatory Minicamp
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The Browns are hurting at center.

They lost starting center Nick Harris to a season-ending injury on the second play of the preseason opener. Three days later, rookie center Dawson Deaton was carted off the practice field with a knee injury.

An MRI confirmed Deaton tore an anterior cruciate ligament, Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports.

The Browns, who are replacing JC Tretter, still have Ethan Pocic and Brock Hoffman at the position with Pocic expected to start.

Cleveland drafted Deaton in the seventh round out of Texas Tech. He started 35 games for the Red Raiders in his college career.

11 responses to “Report: Dawson Deaton tore his ACL in Monday’s practice

  1. It wasn’t too long ago the Browns had become the NFL’s favorite underdog. Baker had one you your first playoff game, against the hated Steelers in Pittsburgh; it was like the start of a cheesy feel good football movie.

    Now Baker is playing for another team; you brought in a registered predator to replace him for $230 million, 3 1st rounders; guys want to be traded out of there and O-Lineman are dropping like flies.

    Way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  2. The NFL is soley focused on concussions because of the lawsuits. They have plauers wearing ridiculous puffed helmets in training camp. But the most persistent injury is knee and lower leg injuries. Why doesn’t the NFL at least mandate knee braces in camp and practices like the NCAA does?! You don’t see the number of knee injuries in college that you do in the NCAA. This seems like a no-brainer to me.

  3. It’s not even the 2nd preseason game and you can pencil in the Browns for last place in their own division …and a possible top team for the #1 pick in next years draft. Tuff to be a Browns fan.

  4. LOFL at the irrational hate towards the Browns. An unproven 3rd yr center and their 7th round pick on IR and people proclaiming they are done. The people tripping over themselves to diss the Brownies is entertaining at this point.

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