Tom Brady remains on track to return to Bucs next week

NFL: AUG 02 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp
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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady continues to be away from the team. He continues to be due to return next week, after the second preseason game against the Titans.

Coach Todd Bowles was asked by reporters on Monday whether last week’s timeline still applies.

“Yes,” Bowles said.

The situation continues to raise plenty of questions, thanks in large part to the manner in which things unfolded. The team has said the mid-camp hiatus was pre-planned. Brady is gone for “personal reasons.” The situation has nothing to do with the health of Brady or his family members.

The development is unprecedented. At this point in his career, everything about Brady is unprecedented. He’s 45, and showing no signs of Father Time gaining ground. And if anyone can still perform at a high level despite taking a break in August, it’s him.

Curiosity is justified in a situation like this. One, it’s Tom Freakin’ Brady. Two. this stuff doesn’t normally happen. If the team is fine with it, then so be it. The notion that the rest of us should just shrug at such an unusual development is unrealistic.

It’s odd. It’s OK to think it, and to say it. And it will be OK to ask Brady questions about it, the next time he’s available to be questioned. Presumably, that will happen in the days preceding the Week One game at Tampa.

The situation definitely sets a high bar for Brady in the coming season. For the same reason people will wonder whether Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has studied hard enough if he doesn’t perform well during the 2022 season, it will be fair to ask whether Brady’s there’s a connection between any possible struggles by Brady and his first-of-its-kind respite from the annual preseason grind.

8 responses to “Tom Brady remains on track to return to Bucs next week

  1. TB12 Felt it necessary to return to the fortress of solitude to ensure he has full powers before the start of the season

  2. He’s the extremely rare athlete (the only one really) that can do what he wants, whenever he wants. It’s. Nobodys. Business.

  3. Hello all. My thanks to those who responded to my comments in a more recent thread, both positive and negative. Much appreciated. The patterns of behavior and activities Tom Brady has shown in public over the last year or so has been somewhat concerning, if we are to be honest. Maybe it is just me, yet this sort of “I am the team” mentality happens usually a little bit at a time. Not for this ideal to suddenly spring up 23 seasons well into a prestigious football career. And certainly not at a point where the current team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are basically trying to cater to Brady’s whims on the Glazers part while the rest of the team leadership and long-term players do not trust or even want to have Tom Brady around.

    There was and is no need to have Mr. Brady around if he is trying to set his sights on the Miami Dolphins. Well, that is not happening either. The tampering allegations and investigation will focus on Tom Brady just as much as the Dolphins ownership. We just better hope nothing of the sort of investigation happens. Nonetheless, he did participate in these backroom deals willingly. Possibly enough to alter the outcome of some games financially. Now, that is only mere speculation. Yet, it does seem probable that this has taken place. I personally have no issue with altering games; the NFL is supposed to be live entertainment. But as I said earlier, Tom Brady has managed to anger a lot of people in the league. Any sort of attempt to get back at him and Brady is in deeper crud than he is now.

    If I am Jason Licht or Todd Bowles or the Glazers, I would start either Blane Gabbert and/or Kyle Trask. Now and when the season begins. I would also, were I a petty man, release Tom Brady from the remainder of his contract. If he does not want to be there, then it is not fair for the rest of the team and the league to deal with his crises. You know, it is a bit funny. When Mr. Brady came into the league in 2000, he along with Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli had to deal with a quarterback in Drew Bledsoe that was having these “I am the team” outbursts. Once Bledsoe got injured and Brady became the starter, the New England Patriots went from 5-11 in 2000 to winning the Super Bowl. No looking back. So, think of this as a bookend. Because I can assure you, the front office is seriously thinking about putting Gabbert or Trask in. It is going to be done someday. Let me know what you think.


  4. They would have been in the super bowl if not for a blown coverage with seconds left in the game. They will be fine.

  5. He’s forcing his way out, guys-

    He doesn’t want to be there, period– not now, nor ten days from now-

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