Yaqub Talib turns himself in to police after fatal shooting

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Yaqub Talib, the brother of former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib, turned himself in to Lancaster, Texas police on Monday.

Talib was wanted in connection to the fatal shooting of youth football coach Mike Hickmon on Saturday. Talib’s attorney released a statement to KDFW after Talib surrendered to authorities.

“My client looks forward to his day in court to give his side of the story. He regrets this tragic loss of life,” Birdsall said.

The shooting came after what police called “a disagreement among coaching staff and the officiating crew.” At some point, the verbal altercation turned physical and a shot was fired.

Both Talib brothers were at the scene of the shooting as coaches for one of the teams involved in the game.

13 responses to “Yaqub Talib turns himself in to police after fatal shooting

  1. If you care about anything other than the kids having fun and learning the sport you sort of missed the point of youth sports. Adults going nuts over things the kids probably could have cared less about.

  2. Why are you bringing a gun to a kids football game? Are you that paranoid you need a gun to watch kids play football? Why even hold a game if you think people should be armed and ready for trouble? Or, more likely, are you such a small person inside that you need that gun to make yourself the big man you wish you were.

  3. “Unfortunate” implies some sort of luck involved – This was a conscious decision and reprehensible – Way beyond Unfortunate

  4. Who brings a gun to a game? It’s just gutless to carry a gun to begin with. It means you’re a wuss.

  5. Imagine the life lessons those Talib men are teaching their sons and daughters, sad really for them, condolences to the family of the senselessly slain coach.

  6. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. If scum like that wasn’t packing, a 9 year old would still have his father.

  7. As a long time umpire in little league all they way up to Ncaa parents are the worst in little league and up thru high school I have had to throw out so many parents sad thing is kids are so embarrassed

  8. He emptied into a guy not presenting a weapon at close range as the vic was retreating and even going down – on video! I would not be “looking forward to my day in court.”

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