Brian Daboll: Tyrod Taylor will get some reps with first-team offense in preseason


The Giants are all in with quarterback Daniel Jones. They definitely are. They absolutely are.

That said, they didn’t pick up his fifth-year option, basically betting that he won’t play well enough in 2022 to make them want to pay him roughly $25 million for 2023 — and welcoming the risk that they’ll have to apply the franchise tag to keep him around if he thrives.

More recently (as in this morning), head coach Brian Daboll told reporters that backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor will get some reps with the first-team offense during the ongoing preseason games, via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News.

Daboll reiterated that the team has “full confidence” in Jones. Daboll also insisted that giving Taylor preseason reps with the first-team offense isn’t a reflection on the incumbent starter.

But how can it not be? Jones desperately needs every rep he can get with the starting offense, in order to be ready for the regular season with a new coach and a new offense. Every rep that goes to Taylor becomes one less rep that goes to Jones. It helps Taylor get ready to play with the starters, while keeping Jone from being as ready as he can be.

Yes, it’s significant. Yes, it’s a reflection on Jones. Yes, it implies that Jones may not have much of a chance to get things done before he may be done as the quarterback of the Giants.

8 responses to “Brian Daboll: Tyrod Taylor will get some reps with first-team offense in preseason

  1. I thought Daboll was magic and he was gonna rescue Jones? Perhaps it’s easy to look like a top O coordinator when you have one of the top QBs in the game. Daboll is discovering life is not as easy without JA.

  2. Don’t read too much into it. Jones will be the starter but is also injury prone and Taylor needs to be ready.

  3. I don’t see how Tyrod Tayler getting 5% of the starter reps as getting him ready to play with the starters while Jones losing 5% of the reps is keeping him from being ready to play with the starters.

  4. Daboll inherited Jones. If he continues to stink, I don’t think Daboll will hesitate to pull the plug during the season.

  5. Yeah, Taylor may as well just stay in the locker room if you don’t think he should get any reps at all.
    Matter of fact, let all the starters get all the reps. The backups are only there to supply support.

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