Drew Lock tests positive for COVID


Seahawks quarterback Drew Lock won’t be starting on Thursday night, after all.

The Seahawks have announced that Lock has tested positive for COVID. He’ll miss the preseason game against the Bears.

The news comes after Lock took first-team reps in practice on Thursday, and after coach Pete Carroll announced that Lock will get the start in the team’s only home preseason game of 2022.

Carroll also said that Geno Smith remains the No. 1 guy on the depth chart. The inability of Lock to play on Thursday night will serve only to enhance Smith’s status, since he’ll now get the start.

Unless Smith ends up with COVID, too. After all, he was surely exposed to Lock, possibly at a time when Lock was contagious.

12 responses to “Drew Lock tests positive for COVID

  1. Since most people who post here think COVID isn’t much more than a “common cold”, Drew needs to simply have him some chicken soup and some Sudafed.
    Knock that COVID right out. No reason for him to even miss a game.

  2. while it’s the right thing to do (in most situations, maybe not QB comps*), he must’ve self-reported since they don’t actually test anymore

  3. Covid is no joke, feels like you have gone 15 rounds with iron mike. Didn’t realize geno was still in the league.

  4. We know Geno’s ceiling; he may very well be adequate as a game manager if they have an effective run game.

    However, I would like to see Lock get a chance to prove his failures in Denver were not of his own doing. Not saying that’s necessarily the truth, but certainly a more intriguing story to follow.

    I hope Lock wins the competition for starter.

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