Drew Lock was on track to start Thursday, but Pete Carroll says Geno Smith is “still the No. 1 guy”

Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Drew Lock received the first-team reps Tuesday, the first time that’s happened in the Seahawks’ quarterback competition. Pete Carroll announced after practice that Lock will start Thursday’s second preseason game.

But Carroll called Geno Smith “still the No. 1 guy” to this point.

“We had planned (this) well back before the offseason even started, to get to this game, the second game,” Carroll said, via video from the post-practice news conference. “Geno would get the start in the opening game, and then we’d go with Drew in the second game.”

Smith started the first exhibition game and played 28 snaps, while Lock played 32. Smith went 10-of-15 for 101 yards, while Lock was 11-of-15 for 102 yards and two touchdowns.

“They both did well. They both played well,” Carroll said.

The competition continues Thursday against the Bears.

UPDATE 8:32 p.m. ET: The Seahawks have now announced Lock has tested positive for COVID. He won’t play.

13 responses to “Drew Lock was on track to start Thursday, but Pete Carroll says Geno Smith is “still the No. 1 guy”

  1. Imagine giving all that money to Metcalf when Gino Smith is the “number one guy” What a gong show!

  2. This have anything to do with the next story that Lock has covid. Sound’s like Lock was looking better and now he’s going to be missing for a bit, Pete walking back same day trying to give Geno that confidence back, now that he’s the only option.

  3. Carroll is going to continue walking the tightrope between these two without endorsing either up until he can get his hands on Jimmy G, FACT

  4. Geno Smith is “still the No. 1 guy”

    This made me shoot my gin & tonic from my nose.

  5. So Seattle traded their best player in franchise history for an average TE, a decent DT, 4 picks (2 have already been used), and a backup QB? What a dumpster fire Seattle has become.

  6. they’re both pretty bad… might as well settle it like… lock gets the start on odd numbered days, smith on even numbered days.

  7. green bay has a qb with all that money and bitching about the wrs but this is like myfins, a wr with all that money and no qb

  8. Both of these guys are crap QBs but Pete needs to understand absolutely no one not even opposing fans want to see Geno Smith start. Captain check down is horrible, at least Lock takes chances downfield even if he does throw to many picks.

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