Mike Zimmer takes a job with Deion Sanders at Jackson State

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Former Vikings coach Mike Zimmer has landed on his feet with a school that continues to find its footing.

Zimmer, via HBCUGameday.com, has accepted a position on Deion Sanders’ staff at Jackson State. Sanders introduced Zimmer to the team on Tuesday.

“He’s asked me about it a few times,” Zimmer said. “The pay’s not good. But I do love Deion and I’d do anything for him.”

Zimmer coached Deion in Dallas from 1995, serving as defensive backs coach during Sanders’ entire tenure with the team.

“He can open up so many doors for these young men but I’m extremely impressed with the way he’s teaching them about life and not just football.” Zimmer said. “And taking care of them, and talking to them about the real things that go on in the world and not the fluff stuff.”

Zimmer definitely isn’t one for fluff stuff. He’s an old-school, Parcells-style coach who’s stingy with praise and generous with criticism. It’ll be interesting to see whether Sanders steers Zimmer away from that style, or whether they’ll do a good cop/bad cop thing when players need some tough love.

34 responses to “Mike Zimmer takes a job with Deion Sanders at Jackson State

  1. That’s actually fairly awesome. It certainly won’t hurt recruiting.

  2. Good luck coach Zimmer,hope you and Deion. I mean Mr.Sanders, don’t butt heads as Mr.Sanders seems a wee bit testy these days

  3. This is an awesome development between these two guys. I respect Zimmer watching his career. Don’t care Hes old school. He has a lot of knowledge to help these young guys out. And he knows football. Apparently, he cares about these young guys becoming men!

  4. I’m glad Minnesota got Kevin O’Connell and I do think it was time for a change. But at the same time, I always liked Zimmer and his old school ways. Honestly, I think a lot of the negative press he’s received this year isn’t deserved. I think a lot can be said for the Vikings players needing to man up. With that said, I hope this new job goes well and it gets him another shot at the NFL.

  5. I thought all these “old school” guys would coach for free because coaching is in their blood and they don’t know how to retire anyway.
    “The pay’s not good.”
    Seriously Mike? You’re complaining about money? And you took the job anyway?
    If the money is that insulting, then do the job for nothing.

  6. Zimmer said. “The pay’s not good. – yea, the Vikings are still paying you more than enough so this should be volunteer work helping “student athletes” of the world.

  7. I will miss the constructive criticism and blunt approach he brought to my Vikings. In the end, he loved his players, true to heart. Good luck, Coach Zim….

  8. Um, from NFL headcoach to this? There is a reason he was fired…his defense has sucked for 2 years and can’t develop a CB. The Vikings drafted a CB in the 1st or 2nd round every year and all they have to show for it is 2 good years with Rhodes…a CB guru should do more with less…he did less with more. I’m sure Jerruah will sign him as the Cowboys DC next season tho…

  9. Those two have immense mutual respect for one another. Zimmer isn’t going to overstep his boundaries with the kids.

  10. The Vikings are paying him $8 million a year for the next two years. I’m sure he’ll survive no matter how little Jackson State is paying him.

  11. This Viking fan likes Zim and wishes him all the best – I hope he gets back to the NFL as a coordinator if that’s what he wants. It was time for him to leave MN, but he had some decent years and has been trashed a bit too much by some folks up here.

  12. Great news for the young men of Jackson State. I have much respect for Coach Zim and am sure he will impart not only football lessons but some real world life experience as well. My only hope is there is no coach killer at QB….

  13. I sure hope it’s Zimmer, and not Sanders, who’s teaching those kid how to tackle.

  14. What a huge pick up for Jackson State. Zimmer is a true coach through and through, this school is creeping on a come up suddenly

  15. As a Vikings fan, everything he tells you, let it go in one ear and out the other. Especially if you play defense. This guy still thinks it’s 1988 with that crap scheme. “The pay’s not good”. You’ll be ok cupcake. You robbed the Vikings for all those years.

  16. Zimmer couldn’t relate to his young NFL players but he’s going to relate to college guys?
    Yeah, I don’t see this working out.

  17. Good luck Mike Zimmer, wish you could’ve won a Super Bowl here but good luck just the same and kudos to Deion not just for hiring Zimmer but for reaching out to the young fellas!

  18. Is he definitely the DC? Or just a position coach?

    I like the move as well though. Talent is talent and having quality coaching can only boost what they are doing down there.

    Hard not to root for Jackson State.

  19. Don’t unpack anything Mike. I think Deion is only there to coach his son. This is a great way to keep your name in the news by shadowing Deion though. Good luck next year. I won’t forget you, nor the Vikings fan base. Playoff wins in 8 seasons: 0

  20. Zimmer is going to be a big help to Deion here by teaching him the tenants of being a proper head coach:

    -Get paid to be the HC, but only focus on one side of the ball.

    -Hire an ex-head coach to “run the offense”, but then regularly meddle with the offense.

    -Chase away your OC after every season. Players love to learn a new offensive system every fall.

    -Never allow your players to take their problems public.

    -Always take your problems with the players public.

    -Don’t like some of the players you’ve been given? Bury them in the depth chart to teach your personnel guys a lesson.

    -Healthy communication with management is the death knell of a football team. Cut off communication with management as soon as the season starts.

    -With direct communication to management cut off, engage in thinly veiled shots at that management whenever a microphone is in front of you.

    -Blowouts are boring for the fans. If you start getting a big lead, that’s the time to turtle and play conservatively in order to ensure the opposing team gets back in the game. The fans deserve tension and excitement.

    -The people that think football is a sport that evolves and changes are idiots. Keep doing the same thing year after year. Be the unrelenting rock in the hurricane.

    I think we can all agree that this was a brilliant move on the part of Sanders. Good luck this season!

  21. I winder where Zimmer plans to live. I live within 100 miles of Jackson and it is not far enough. It is bad enough having to go there for medical stuff occasionally. Having grown up in Minneapolis, Zimmer is in for a shock, I predict a short stay.

  22. dvdman123 says:
    August 17, 2022 at 9:46 am
    Excellent…..money isn’t always everything in this world.

    Except he did mention it.

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