Roquan Smith will travel to Seattle for preseason game, but will not play

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Bears linebacker Roquan Smith is continuing his “hold-in” as he seeks a trade to a team that will sign him to a lucrative contract extension.

Chicago head coach Matt Eberflus said today that Smith will travel to Seattle with the team tomorrow, but will not play in Thursday night’s preseason game against the Seahawks.

Eberflus added that Smith is attending meetings and is engaged in his work, but he’s continuing to refuse to practice. Eberflus has seemed unhappy with Smith but has also indicated that anything having to do with his contract or a potential trade is for the front office, not the coaching staff, to handle.

At some point, we’re going to see Smith on the field in a game again. But it almost certainly won’t be until the regular season, and it may not be with the Bears.

9 responses to “Roquan Smith will travel to Seattle for preseason game, but will not play

  1. At this point, let him play out his 5th year. Once he starts missing game checks, he will come around. Plays well in the new system, pay him. If not, trade him and start anew.

  2. And watch every free agent look at how they treated their best player who they drafted top 10 after his first contract.

  3. Guess who just got himself the chance to play out his contract and get a franchise tag? Silly boy…

  4. Even the Manti Te’o-level weirdness of the Saint Omni thing notwithstanding, it’s hard to see how this is going to end well for either side. Poles and Ro are playing a game of chicken and the longer it goes the less Roquan stands to make (from the Bears or another team) and the less the Bears are likely to get in a trade. Quite the curveball for a rookie GM and HC to have to deal with.

  5. Players who are demonstrably better than expected or who think they have leverage often ask for new contract, better pay and/or trade when they are about to enter their 5th year option on rookie contract year. Those that have underperformed want that final 5th year option picked up & are mad if it’s not. I’m not sure I’d have him at the game. I’m quite sure I would let him know that no trade was going to happen, a search for trade partner is not authorized to be conducted and that they should expect him to be tagged, if no contractual agreement happens this season.

  6. He’d forfeit his $9M+ salary if he sits out the entire year. That would be very dumb on his part and not the likely road he’ll take in the end. With that said, he won’t be a Bear much longer if the front office sticks to their apparent view that you shouldn’t pay inside linebackers top defensive money, even if they’re elite. Smith should obviously not be trying to directly negotiate with the team without an agent, has clearly chosen to ignore good advice on that subject.

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