Seahawks-Steelers preseason game on NFLN draws bigger audience than MLB on Fox

Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Football continues to be king.

The latest proof comes from the performance of a Week One preseason game on NFL Network versus regular-season baseball on Fox.

Via Anthony Crupi of, the Seahawks-Steelers game had an average audience of 2.16 million viewers on NFLN. Fox generated an average audience of 2.08 million for a nationwide showing of Yankees-Red Sox  or Mariners-Rangers.

As noted by Crupi, Fox is in roughly 40 million more homes than NFL Network.

We’ve come to expect this kind of ratings dominance by the NFL. Preseason football outperforms regular-season baseball. Regular-season football trounces postseason baseball. Postseason football is untouchable by anything. And the two-hand touch exhibition that is the Pro Bowl nearly performs as well as the MLB All-Star Game, a highlight of the baseball’s annual TV calendar.

2 responses to “Seahawks-Steelers preseason game on NFLN draws bigger audience than MLB on Fox

  1. And that’s even with the millions of “fans” who claim every year around this time that they’re kissing the NFL goodbye.

    So, those people supposedly aren’t watching football. We certainly know they aren’t watching baseball.
    Are they watching cornhole? Golf? NASCAR?

  2. It was great until NFL Network turned off the game to put on the Dallas Broncos game. They did it right after Pickett had his first possession. I’m still pissed about it!

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