Sean McVay: Matthew Stafford had “great energy, great command” in practice on Tuesday

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Matthew Stafford‘s elbow problem is becoming less of a problem.

It’s an encouraging sign for the Rams. The issue that hadn’t subsided despite Stafford not throwing in the offseason has suddenly become a non-issue. It culminated in Stafford having a practice on Tuesday about which coach Sean McVay raved.

“I thought he had great energy, great command all day,” McVay told reporters. “I thought he threw the ball incredibly accurately in all parts of the field, really activated all parts of our pass game. There was a couple where he’s hitting the spots we want and we just have to be able to finish some of those plays. I’m encouraged because we can coach off of those and we are getting those opportunities to feel what it’s like for him to be able to throw with Allen [Robinson]. Ben Skowronek made a handful of plays, also TuTu [Atwell]. He’s got a comfort level with [Tyler] Higbee and with Cooper [Kupp]. But some of these newer guys, today was a great step in the right direction to be able to start establishing that rapport that will be critical for this year.”

Defensive tackle Aaron Donald agreed.

“He’s doing good, throwing some good passes, great passes,” Donald told reporters. “Obviously accurate, good balls, obviously. I’m trying my best to get after him and stay away, not get too close. But he looked good out there.”

Kupp had a veteran’s day off, per McVay. Which could be a good thing. As discussed on Tuesday’s PFT Live, defenses possibly will devote extra resources in 2022 to taking Kupp away and forcing Stafford to go elsewhere. Without Robert Woods (who’s now a Titan) and Odell Beckham (who continues to recover from a torn ACL and remains a free agent), Stafford may need to lean on the likes of Robinson and Van Jefferson, whose recovering from “minor” (i.e., not performed on me) knee injury.

3 responses to “Sean McVay: Matthew Stafford had “great energy, great command” in practice on Tuesday

  1. The concern about teams focusing on Copper Kupp is the basis of the Rams playbook. The Super Bowl game plan was to plan on the defense focusing on Kupp and then throw to OBJ. It was working until OBJ got hurt. OBJ could have been the Super Bowl MVP.

    The Rams will work the same strategy with Allen Robinson. Van Jefferson is a great WR3. If the Rams sign OBJ after the season starts the room will be even more stacked than it is now. Go ahead and blanket Cooper Kupp. The consequences will be lethal.

  2. Glad to see his elbow is ok. I’d like to see Stafford win another ring. He never complained or made a scene when he was on the Lions when he definitely could’ve.

  3. I don’t know about this! We all know the Rams are a bunch of lying liars who lie!!

    I really dislike it when people so casually lie! I prefer my lies to be much more calculated and for important reasons, such as when the topic is cheating in Super Bowls! That is acceptable lying, to me

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