Aaron Rodgers: Jordan Love’s three picks might look bad on paper, but film tells a different story

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
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Quarterback Jordan Love received the bulk of the playing time in Green Bay’s preseason opener against San Francisco last week. And, at least on the stat sheet, the quarterback had middling results.

He finished 13-of-24 for 176 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions.

Multiple giveaways for the 2020 first-round pick are concerning at first glance. But according to Aaron Rodgers, the turnovers stemmed from the same issues he expressed concern about at receiver.

“I felt really bad for Jordan the other night because we had a couple of total mental busts for picks,” Rodgers said on Tuesday. “We had a drop for a pick. We had two guys running who knows what on the third one. Now, he shouldn’t have thrown the ball there probably, but some of that’s veteran stuff making veteran mistakes.”

Overall, Rodgers said he thought Love did some “really good things.”

“The most important thing for any-age quarterback is the feet — throwing the ball on time and in rhythm. And I think he’s done a nice job of really focusing on the little things of this training camp and throwing the ball more often on time. It’s just about consistency and I thought there were some really nice balls. A couple decisions he’d probably want to have back, but those are kind of normal. But I’d like to see him keep trusting his feet and his athleticism.

“I’d love to see him [when] the pocket breaks down, nobody’s quite open on time, extend a play and take off and run and slide. But overall, I thought he did some really good things. … It might look bad in the stat sheet with three picks, but the film tells a different story.”

Given that Love plays with the two-time reigning MVP, the preseason is his time to shine. So Love is sure to get plenty more opportunities on Friday night when the Packers host the Saints for the second week of the preseason.

23 responses to “Aaron Rodgers: Jordan Love’s three picks might look bad on paper, but film tells a different story

  1. This sounds nice but the last thing you want as a competitor is the person you are tying to over take sticking up for you. It means he isn’t concerned about how will you play because you aren’t taking his job, ever.

  2. Reality setting in for Rodgers. Might be a long, frustrating season for him.

    Shaping up to be a great season for Jones and Dillon.

  3. I saw the same thing Rodgers saw. Love will be a very productive quarterback at some point, soon. It’s unrealistic to expect him to be another Brees or Brady or Rodgers or Manning, at least not yet. In consideration of Rodgers extending his Packer career another year and maybe two, Love promises to be a most qualified backup in the foreseeable future. He’s a negativity magnet for Viking Fan for fear he may be the fourth seventeen-year HOF QB dominating the division for years to come. Can you imagine? Viking Fan great-grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers, and sons……all seen in the rearview mirror of the Packers for four generations.

  4. You know something is wrong when others have to step in for your performance. I’ve been following their practice notes and Love is throwing a lot of interceptions in practice also.
    Rodgers is all upset. He covets his passer rating, it’s the best of anyone. Now he has a raft of receivers running bad routes, dropping balls and he is wetting his pants.of course he is standing up for love and blaming the new guys. he and love are not the problemo.

  5. Really nice of a future HOF’er to support the kid like that. He could be prickly or cold to him but by all accounts they have a great relationship. Glad to see it.

  6. Would he be saying this if he didn’t get the 60 mil per?

    2022 cap hit – $28.5~ (#5 for QBs)
    2023 cap hit – $31.6~ (#8 for QBs)
    2024 cap hit – $40.7~ (10th for QBs)
    2025 cap hit – $59.3~ (#1 for QBs)
    2026 cap hit – $53.4~ (#3 for QBs)

    I don’t see a 60 there?

    His number will never be close to that, as he won’t be playing or a Packer by 2025.

  7. Well yeah.

    2 of the 3 picks hit the receivers in the hands and popped up for grabs. The 3rd pick the WR ran the wrong route.

    Give him the starting receiving group and then we can talk about his skills.

    All in all Love looked sharp and had more confidence.

  8. Basically AR is saying, “why again did we draft this loser when we could have had Tee Higgans, Chase Claypool, Darnell Mooney, Michael Pittman, Jonathan Taylor…”

  9. I think Dude Love (Mick Folley) would be a better QB than Jordan Love at this point. Or at least with more charisma and interesting at least…..

  10. I bet rogers is happy that love poses absolutely zero threat to takeing his job, now or in the future

  11. I think Dude Love (Mick Folley) would be a better QB than Jordan Love at this point. Or at least with more charisma and interesting at least…

    Maybe they can tag team this thing, with The Rock-and-Sock Connection..

  12. Maybe the Niners rookie Sam Womack III should get a little credit? The kid is gonna be the starting nickel back for the Niners as a rook.

  13. Agree — his WRs let him down. Then again there were tight windows on some of those throws, when secondary receiving options were more open. It’s his third year, there should be significant improvement, not marginal improvement.

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