Chargers, Derwin James agree to new contract

Los Angeles Chargers minicamp
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The Chargers were always confident that safety Derwin James would be ready to get to work in time for the season, and with good reason: James has now agreed to a new contract.

James, who was declining to participate in practice while he negotiated a new deal, has agreed with the Chargers on a contract that will make him the NFL’s highest-paid safety, according to multiple reports.

The Chargers selected James with the 17th overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, and he’s been a first-team All-Pro twice, first as a rookie and then last season. He also missed most of the 2019 season and all of the 2020 season with injuries, which has to be a concern, but for the Chargers it’s not a big enough concern to keep them from getting a deal done.

James was slated to make $9.05 million this year on the fifth and final season of his rookie contract. He’ll make much more than that this year, and the Chargers see him as a big part of their defense for many years to come.

12 responses to “Chargers, Derwin James agree to new contract

  1. Finally! It’s about time!!! Now he can get on with the business of football like getting on the practice field and getting hurt.

  2. Needed to happen regardless of injury risk. Doesn’t matter if it isn’t great long term – he’s a unicorn when he plays and they have to be all right now with Herbert on his rookie deal and Ekeler in his prime. They have a 2 year SB or bust window before Herbert obliterates every contract record and they have to blow up this roster.

  3. What’s the likelihood? 2018 1st Round Draft – all DBs (Denzel Ward, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Derwin James, Jaire Alexander) turn out to be good players.

  4. Great player but Safeties don’t last when they have 118 total tackles in 15 games. He’ll be injured by week 5

  5. The deal is front loaded, the bulk of it is priced into this season to not cross over into Herbert’s new contract. No cap issues here. TT is an incredible GM.

  6. Top 3 team on paper as far as talent. This team can pose a problem for the top dogs in the AFC if they click. Could be this years Bengals.

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