Hollywood Brown on his arrest for speeding: “I want to learn from it”


Earlier this month, Cardinals receiver Hollywood Brown was arrested for speeding. Ordinarily, speeding won’t get a guy arrested. Driving 126 miles per hour will.

I want to learn from it,” Brown said Wednesday in his first press conference since the incident, via Darren Urban of the team’s official website. “I’m not a guy who gets into trouble, so I want to put in my past and make sure I’m always doing the right things at all times.” (At least he didn’t say he wants to put it in the rear-view mirror.)

Brown called his decision “very disappointing.” He said he wasn’t late for practice when it happened.

“I have a lot of kids that look up to me, so I want to set the right example at all times,” Brown said.

It’s good that he learned from it. That’s what life is about. We all do dumb things. Either we learn from them, or we don’t.

If he was indeed driving that fast, he’s lucky he has a chance to not make the same mistake twice. Yes, plenty of cars are available that can operate at speeds far faster than the law allows. Yes, there’s a certain rush that comes from a car that, as it goes faster and faster, seemingly wants to go even faster — especially on a clear, dry road with no other traffic around.

But 126? That’s dangerously fast, under any conditions. Hopefully those kids who look up to Brown will learn from his mistake, without making it on their own.

12 responses to “Hollywood Brown on his arrest for speeding: “I want to learn from it”

  1. Learn from Henry Ruggs’ mistake. He ended his career and if justice is served, will spend his youth in prison and emerge as a middle aged man.

  2. You can take your expensive, too fast for regular streets, car to a test track and air it out.
    There’s no chance of something unexpected happening in that situation.

  3. Unfortunately this isn’t the sort of thing you learn from. Ask Henry Ruggs what he learned.

  4. He WANTS to learn from it…? If he hasn’t already then he’s probably not going to

  5. Something to learn?
    The left pedal makes the car slow down. Use it more often or at least stop hammering the one on the right.

  6. Learn where the brake is on the left and how to not put the foot all the way to the floor with the pedal on the right. “Life is tough. It is even tougher if you’re stupid” – John Wayne

  7. 126 mph is not speeding. That is reckless driving. You don’t learn from that. You should be in jail.

  8. Going that fast will make it so you’re not late for practice even when getting pulled over.

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