Joe Burrow: Contract talk means nothing if I stink this year

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Bengals owner Mike Brown said in July that the team’s “whole focus” is on making sure Joe Burrow remains a member of the Bengals and the prospect of signing Burrow to a long-term deal after this season has colored other moves the team has made.

Selling the naming rights to their stadium created a new revenue stream that the team can put toward financing deals for Burrow and other young pieces of the team. That move supports the organizational focus on ensuring Burrow’s future is in Cincinnati, but Burrow said on Wednesday that his own attention is only focused on playing well enough to make sure the team doesn’t think twice about an extended commitment.

“It doesn’t mean anything if I go in and stink it up this year. . . . I’m focused on this year,” Burrow said, via Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Burrow’s preparation for this season hit a snag when he had an appendectomy early in training camp, but he’s returned to practice and will do 11-on-11 work Wednesday in a big step toward being fully ready to go for Week 1.

10 responses to “Joe Burrow: Contract talk means nothing if I stink this year

  1. I give Burrow a less than 50% chance of playing out his full prime in Cinci. That franchise is just cheap and they will give out big contracts to Chase and Burrow but they will expect them to do it all. Not the first talented QB who has weapons to pass through Cinci and have his career be full of ups and downs (with many more downs). Things look up now but they rarely stay that way with this franchise.

  2. Defenses have more film on Burrow now but I still think he will be elite. Pay the man.

  3. Herbert > Burrow. Better arm, not injury prone, better stats, more imposing. Easy decision.

  4. In the NFL stinking (ie actually winning games) really doesn’t matter when it comes to paying a QB (at least Burrows got to a Super bowl) Just look at Dallas, Minnesota, Arizona and Cleveland (and soon Baltimore) grossly overpaying for a QB that has never done anything and has yet to prove they can actually win when it matters, meanwhile they cost so much (hello Seattle with Russ) it is nearly impossible to build a roster that can actually win a Superbowl.

  5. I agree with nfldivas. Look at new England – they consistently paid Brady less than market value and ended up wit 6 SBs while he was there. With the $ they did not pay him they built depth.

  6. Burrow is pretty darn good. Pay him or lose him.
    The quality of play isn’t in question.. it will be his durability. The guy looks 15 years old with a slim physique. He’s no Josh Allen or even a Justin Herbert in the big rig diesel department, but the guy can throw on the money.

  7. It’s hard not to like this guy. I think the future of the AFC North lies with the Bengals.

  8. he is a Bengal for life. he will lead them to 1 or 2 super bowl wins. hall of famer for sure.

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