Lions RB D’Andre Swift’s goal: 1,000 yards rushing, 1,000 yards receiving

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons
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Last year, Lions running back D'Andre Swift gained 617 rushing yards and 452 receiving yards. This year, Swift is aiming a lot higher than that.

Swift said his goal this year is to gain 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving, according to Tim Twentyman of the Lions’ website. Swift said Lions running backs coach Duce Staley is helping him become the kind of all-around running back who can reach those marks.

Three players in NFL history have topped 1,000 yards both rushing and receiving in a season: Roger Craig of the 49ers with 1,050 rushing yards and 1,016 receiving yards in 1985, Marshall Faulk of the Rams with 1,381 rushing yards and 1,048 receiving yards in 1999, and Christian McCaffrey of the Panthers with 1,387 rushing yards and 1,005 receiving yards in 2019.

Swift becoming the fourth member of that exclusive club seems rather unlikely, but as he heads into his third NFL season, Swift believes he’s going to be a very productive back in the Lions’ offense.

15 responses to “Lions RB D’Andre Swift’s goal: 1,000 yards rushing, 1,000 yards receiving

  1. Not with how many times theyhand off to jamaal, a good hard runner but doesn’t get you on the edge of your seat, as a fan,like Swift does.

  2. I think swift can do it IF he can stay healthy. Lions have a great o-line and offense should be efficient

  3. I fully support him in pursuit of this goal! He sure has impressive skills, and perhaps he can actually achieve this. If nothing else, he’s sure to play some great football while in pursuit of it.

  4. If he can stay on the field and survive getting that many touches, it’s not impossible

  5. As long as he stays healthy he can do it. Needs to be spelled between the twenties by Williams though. No one is holding up with 85% of the touches with 17 games.

  6. It’s good to have goals. But maybe he should get 700 yards in either category first, before going for 1,00 in both.

  7. Swift got reamed out by position coach Duce Staley on Hard Knocks after their first game.
    He needs to be trying to keep a low profile right now.

  8. Nothing wrong with setting high goals. With that O-line, he has a chance at 1,000 yards rushing, health permitting. Doubtful on the receiving end of things.

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