NFL on Alvin Kamara: “No change to his status”

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Saints running back Alvin Kamara continues to face felony battery charges, arising from a Pro Bowl-weekend incident in Las Vegas. Kamara continues to be eligible to practice and play.

“There’s no change to his status,” an NFL spokesman told PFT via email on Wednesday. “We continue to monitor all legal developments in the matter which remains under review of the Personal Conduct Policy.”

An August 1 hearing in the matter resulted in a 60-day delay. The chances of the case being resolved by the end of the 2022 season currently are slim, barring a plea deal. Even then, the league would need to have time to investigate the case, to conduct a hearing before Judge Sue L. Robinson, and to process any appeal.

PFT previously has reported that Kamara is bracing for a suspension of six weeks, eventually. That’s the baseline punishment for cases of felony battery.

The fact that Kamara faces a felony also allows the league to put him on paid leave. The policy, however, says that the league “may” do it, not “shall.” That gives the league leeway to not place Kamara on paid leave.

While the league can change its position at any time, there’s currently no indication that, once Week One rolls around, Kamara will be placed on the Commissioner Exempt list. And unless he takes a plea fairly soon, the more likely outcome would be a suspension in 2023, at the earliest.

7 responses to “NFL on Alvin Kamara: “No change to his status”

  1. Translation: He’s a star so we’ll drag this out until we hope everyone forgets that we don’t impose meaningful penalties if you can pass or run. Maybe they should watch the video again to understand how egregious this bum and his “friends” were. Sad state of the NFL that they can’t even do the easy stuff correctly.

  2. So Kamara assaults 1 guy and has a basis of 6 games. Yet, Deshaun allegedly assaults 24+ women and gets 6 games and now settlement talks on appeal. Oh and a fully guaranteed contract. NFL just continues to look like unbuttoned buffoons regularly

  3. Letting players play until they’re actually dealt with in a REAL courtroom is how they should have approached this in the first place. It’s innocent until proven guilty folks, is it not?

  4. He should be suspended regardless of him being a star. The dude and his posse beat someone on camera. It’s a bad look for the league. Any regular Joe Shmoe would be penalized to the fullest extent of the law and fired from their job for it. The judges fantasy team outlook should have no bearing on his punishment.

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