With fans once again up in arms, the Glazers reportedly are willing to sell a minority stake in Manchester United

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From the moment the Glazer family, which owns the Buccaneers, bought the Manchester United soccer club, fans of the team have wanted the Glazers to sell.

The good news? They may be. The bad news? It would be only a minority share.

According to Bloomberg.com, the Glazers “would consider selling a minority stake.” The report comes as pressure continues to mount on the Glazers to sell the team.

“Preliminary discussions” regarding the possibility of selling a slice of the team have occurred. The transaction would be based on a valuation of the team at $6 billion.

The Glazers, who bought the team in 2005, own roughly 97 percent of it.

Fans are currently up in arms because the club has lost its first two games of the 2022-23 season. Protests are planned for the next home game, on August 22.

In May 2021, a major protest resulted in the delay of a match, with fans storming the team’s home stadium.

8 responses to “With fans once again up in arms, the Glazers reportedly are willing to sell a minority stake in Manchester United

  1. A dynasty exceeding anything in recent American sports, Manchester United is now a dumpster fire of unprecedented proportions… fully within the scope of the Glazers’ ownership. It is epic.

  2. Protests are all the rage now and have the same effectiveness of a letter to Santa.

    And protesting what? That they are losing? Boo hoo. Premier League is a lot different than when they were a dynasty, there are many more deep pocket owners. Don’t care either way the Glazers still spends 10s of millions of dollars each year on new players and managers etc.

    No salary cap in soccer so you have to pick the right management to pick the right coaches to play the right system and then get the right players, and it all has to work together to work, no matter how much.

    And cries that the Glazers aren’t reinvesting…well they don’t have to and am sure whatever extra they may be taking is nowhere near what the value of the team has grown in their 17 years of ownership.

  3. This is the problem with owning a soccer team – all the fans think they own the soccer team and whatever you do is wrong. I say to the Glazers don’t be pushed around, keep the team and milk it for all its worth!!

  4. Over the years the Glazers have saddled the club with massive debt, while siphoning off millions for themselves. Their once glorious stadium, Old Trafford, has not been refurbished since they bought the club, and it is turning into dump.

    Sir Alex Ferguson covered over the cracks in the beginning of their ownership, but the club is now in a free-fall descent. Quality players now turn down the chance to play for Man U, whereas in the past it was an honor to be recruited by the club. They’re reduced to buying players in desperation, without forethought, having no long-term plan, nor short term, unless simply avoiding relegation is their bottom line.

    Manchester United are England’s New York Yankees or Dallas Cowboys. To see them reduced to a laughing stock gives pleasure to some, and anguish to others, but all can agree that the Glazers have destroyed the club, while getting rich in the process.

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