Browns insist they are comfortable with and confident in Jacoby Brissett

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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The Browns have known for a while now that Deshaun Watson was going to miss at least six games. That knowledge did not change decision-makers’ minds about what to do in the interim.

On Thursday, the Browns found out for certain how long the starting quarterback’s suspension will last. Will the 11 games Watson will miss change their thinking at the position?

If so, the Browns aren’t saying.

They reiterated they are all in with Jacoby Brissett.

“Throughout this process, trying to be respectful of it and knowing that there would finally be clarity is helpful for us and then we just stick to our plan moving forward,” Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said, via Dan Labbe of “We’re pretty comfortable with how we’re operating right now, knowing that we’ll get Deshaun back after 11 games.’

The Browns are upping Brissett’s workload with the first team as they get closer to the season opener against the Panthers. Watson won’t play in the final two presason games.

“We want to get a good look at some of our scheme vs. another scheme if you will,” Stefanski said, “but ultimately as we transition out of this week, Jacoby will get all of the reps.”

The Browns play five 2021 playoff teams while Watson is out. They also play the Chargers, Ravens and Dolphins, who are playoff contenders this year.

Watson is eligible to return to action Dec. 4 against his former team but will the Browns still be in contention then? The Browns have faith in Brissett, perhaps more than anyone outside the locker room does.

“We’re excited about Jacoby and have a ton of trust in Jacoby and when Deshaun is ready, he’ll rejoin the team,” Stefanski said.

The Colts tried making Brissett the bridge quarterback, not once, but twice. He started 15 games for Andrew Luck in 2017 when Luck was out with a shoulder injury, and in 2019, when Luck abruptly retired Aug. 24 that preseason, Brissett started 15 games.

He is 14-23 as a starter.

“I think back to when we were acquiring Jacoby, the phone calls that I made to people he’s played for, people that he’s played with, it was very, very consistent in that you’re getting a pro’s pro,” Stefanski said. “(He’s) somebody who’s going to lead from out in front, works very hard at his craft and is just an outstanding teammate.”

But the question remains: If the Browns start Brissett for all 11 games, will they win enough to remain in contention when Watson returns?

37 responses to “Browns insist they are comfortable with and confident in Jacoby Brissett

  1. They will be lucky to win 4 games with Jacoby. Watson comes back and is rusty and you are looking at 6 or 7 wins total. Karma.

  2. I hope Brissett lights up the scoreboard the whole time he’s starting. That would be hilarious, and just the kind of thing that would happen to the Browns.

  3. Browns 10-7 in 2022. Watson will come back and lead the Browns to the Playoffs

  4. Brisett is such an unnatural passer that I get a headache watdching him play! They should NOT be confident that they’ll be fine with him. And frankly, just because he’s a great leader and inspires people, doesn’t mean he should be your QB! He can be a coach or something! There are better passers out there right now! This will be ugly!

  5. And Deshaun insists he’s “innocent.” Please

    The Browns have to say this right now. And when they take a swing for Jimmy they will say “we will always look to increase the talent at any position.”

  6. Worst GM. Worst helmets. Worst team in the division. Will finish with one of the worst records in the league.

  7. The Browns have a tough schedule, Brissettes has his work cut out for him. The team is solid. If the Browns can manage 6 n 5 through the first 11, look out!

  8. They’d probably be perfectly fine with Brissett getting a couple starts mid-season. Brissett for eleven games? The season might be over before it starts.

  9. Regardless of how unlikely: If the Browns win 11 straight, would they actually switch to Watson? It’s the Browns, after all.

  10. Obviously the plan is to tank this year, get a top 5 pick then come back with guns blazing in 2023 with Watson at QB. Of course the Browns will find a way to screw that up but it’s a good strategy

  11. The Browns were also confident that Deshaun Watson could be the “face” of the franchise!

  12. Brissett is a nice guy. He simply doesn’t win football games. Then again neither does Deshaun Watson.

  13. The Texans are hoping for a top 5 pick. I enjoy reading the Browns fans saying we’re getting a top 5 pick next year and winning it all. No, Houston gets the Browns top 5 pick!

  14. Nothing the Browns have done in this off-season makes sense. It’s gonna be a long season for any Browns fans still out there.

  15. He was brutal to watch for Miami. Thank god Tua saved our season after coming back from the broken rib.

  16. Well to be fair, the Browns seem to be comfortable with much worse things than just Jacoby Brissett playing a lot of games…

  17. Anyone who watched Jacoby last year, wouldn’t be here piling on unreal expectations. Jacoby wasn’t just bad last year, he was doo doo.

    It wasn’t about the terrible scheme, bad blocking or lack of targets. It was because his release is slow, trouble extending plays and just late with the football.

    If he could have managed 2 maybe 3 wins instead of the 1 he got, Miami, not NE makes the playoffs. Flores remains HC. And most of the drama Davie has experienced would have never happened.

  18. The Browns could start the season 3-1 with Brissett but the honeymoon ends there. The next 7 games are brutal going 0-7. So 3-8 with Brissett or trade for Jimmy G and at best be 5-6 when Watson takes over. Either way making the playoffs are slim.

  19. Brissett is a statue. Did the Browns not watch any tape of this guy last year in Miami? Good luck Browns fans, you’ll need it.

  20. What I don’t get is The Browns were allegedly a playoff contender with Baker who played like garbage more often than not.

    Yet now they aren’t even though Brissett isn’t the turnover machine Baker was who is now on a team that has never been all that dependant on it’s passing game to depend with due to point #1.

    Whether they’re a playoff team is all about how healthy their defense and running backs play. Baker was carried for 4 seasons. Not sure why we think those same players can’t carry Brissett.

  21. Obviously the plan is to tank this year, get a top 5 pick then come back with guns blazing in 2023 with Watson at QB. Of course the Browns will find a way to screw that up but it’s a good strategy

    You do know that the Browns traded that pick to the Texans so that they could Acquire Watson don’t you ?

    Browns are doomed

  22. For all of you football fans not grasping the fact that the Browns will not have a high draft pick next year please remember they traded their first round picks in 2022, 2023 , and 2024 –

    Browns are doomed

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