George Fant on move to right tackle: Another hurdle in the road

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George Fant‘s plans to be the starting left tackle for the Jets this season were upset by an injury to one of his teammates.

Mekhi Becton‘s season-ending knee injury led the team to sign Fant’s former Seahawks teammate Duane Brown and the Jets moved Fant to Becton’s old spot in order to keep the five-time Pro Bowler at his familiar place on the line. At a Thursday press conference, Fant shared his mental approach to the change in circumstances.

“Another hurdle in the road, just something I gotta do. . . . I only control what I can control and that’s to be the best right tackle I can be,” Fant said. “Sometimes you gotta take things head on and go play.”

Fant said it’s “not easy” to flip from one side of the line to the other, but said his experience playing on the right side in the past and the team’s scheme should keep the transition from being too difficult. He also deflected questions about what the move might mean for his contract negotiations — Fant is in the last year of his deal — by noting that’s the reason he has an agent.

While left tackles generally cash in at a higher level, Fant showed last year that he can handle that side and a strong season in 2022 at his new spot would still likely put him in a good place to talk about a contract with the Jets or anyone else.

5 responses to “George Fant on move to right tackle: Another hurdle in the road

  1. I’d love to see George become the highest paid right tackle in the league and then move back to the left side. He has ALWAYS been a “team first” guy and willing to do whatever is necessary to play and win. For a guy that started off in the league as a “project” (lousy term frankly) he’s proven he’s a hell of a good football player and far more diverse than most other O-lineman, including Brown.

  2. Fant is a pro. He’ll be motivated to have a big year and knows the contract stuff will end up working itself out.

  3. Fant graded out as a top 10 tackle last year, gave up one sack for entire season. The other good news is that he and Brown played together and are good friends. This line is solid at every position now.

  4. touchback6 says:
    August 18, 2022 at 2:31 pm
    Joe Douglas caught with his pants down again
    – – – – – – – – –
    No, that was BB when he traded his only Pro Bowl caliber offensive lineman to the Bucs as a salary dump for a 5th round pick because he overpaid last year in free agency

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