Harrison Butker wants a shot at a 70-yard field goal

NFL: JAN 30 AFC Conference Championship - Bengals at Chiefs
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The longest field goal that Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker has ever hit was 58 yards, but he thinks there’s a lot more power in his leg.

Butker hit a 66-yard field goal during warmups at Soldier Field before last week’s preseason game and hitting one in a regular season game would tie Justin Tucker‘s record for the longest field goal in NFL history. Butker has set his sights on an even longer kick, however.

Butker said he “changed some technique stuff so I’m even more efficient” on field goal attempts and he thinks his kicks are traveling further than they have at any point in the past. That’s why he’d like a chance to kick a 70-yarder at some point this season.

“Yeah, definitely,” Butker said, via Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star. “I mean, the conditions have to be right. It’s got to be warm, probably some wind at your back. . . . But I feel like I have the distance for it, definitely.”

The Chiefs will be looking to score touchdowns this season, but the right circumstances could arise for Butker to put his belief in his leg power to the test before the year is out.

8 responses to “Harrison Butker wants a shot at a 70-yard field goal

  1. The thing about long field goals in practice is that they don’t translate to game kicks because there’s no real rush or guys putting their hands up to block a kick that has to come out at a low angle since they have to travel so far.

  2. These extra length kicks can only occur at the end of a half because of the risk of giving ball to other team in immediate FG range if you miss. Butler and Tucker could probably do it once or twice given enough chances, but there are fewer opportunities than for a “mere” 50 yarder. And the distance is only part of the story, obviously accuracy is much more difficult anyway, plus the extra leg effort for distance will affect control.

  3. If you play the Lions ,you might get that chance. Signed Tom Dempsey and Justin Tucker.

  4. So…. You’re on the 47 with the placement on the 40. So if you miss your trading your 70 yarder for the opposing team to be able to attempt a 57. I suppose with a couple seconds left you might get a chance but what if the low driving kick is blocked and returned for a TD. KC of all teams has had plenty of games turn around by 1 play. Even if you’re up by 20 I don’t think you try it, unless it’s at the end of the game. And even then, it just looks like you’re running up the score, and Andy definitely wouldn’t do that.

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