Jim Irsay: I see Quenton Nelson extension getting done

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Colts left guard Quenton Nelson hasn’t shown any interest in public conversations about a contract extension, but he’s heading into the final year of his rookie deal and his three All-Pro selections make him the kind of player that a lot of people are interested in having around for the long term.

The Colts are very much in that group, but no extension has come together at this point. Past years have seen the Colts lock up key members of the organization in the days leading up to the start of the season and Colts owner Jim Irsay suggested that a similar plan is in place for Nelson this year.

“I see that getting done. . . . You know, we’ve never had a problem, if you look through the history of the franchise, with outstanding players that go on to a second contract, whether it’s with Reggie Wayne or Marvin Harrison,” Irsay said, via Joel A. Erickson of the Indianapolis Star.

Nelson’s eventual extension will likely reset the top of the market for guards around the league, which will make getting it done a point of interest well beyond the Colts organization.

5 responses to “Jim Irsay: I see Quenton Nelson extension getting done

  1. Dolphins will take him whenever you want to talk about a trade.

    He’s probably the best OL in the game and right now his trajectory is straight to Canton.

  2. This guy is going to want to match Thuney’s 17 mil per as the best Guard in the game or possibly want more since Indy has stupidly waited with cap space, losing leverage.

  3. Just lost any leverage with that statement. Hey moron/Irsay…remember Jerry Jones and Dak Prescott to see how running your mouth about paying guys works out for your salary cap.

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